5 Unconventional Days to Celebrate in September

01 Aug 5 Unconventional Days to Celebrate in September

Everyone has a favorite holiday of the year. Turkey and stuffing come November; a sky full of fireworks on the fourth of July; and Winter or Summer Solstice are but a few of our personal favorites. But, why limit yourself to the classics? Here are 5 unconventional days to celebrate in September to fill out the month with style and fun!

Cheese Pizza Day – September 5

celebrate in SeptemberAhh, the cheese pizza. So underappreciated. So misunderstood. No, we’re not talking cheesy bread, oh no. There is nothing missing and nothing plain about a scrumptious cheese pizza. Kevin McCallister definitely knows what’s up. Call the gang over, order a baker’s dozen, have some carefully curated beers on hand, and this gathering turns into a cheese pizza-palooza in no time flat.

Be Late for Something Day – September 5

Some people celebrate this one 5 days a week. That said, it’s much more fun being late with friends! Best way to kick this day off is by promptly hitting the snooze button on your alarm, trust us.

Schedule the start time about an hour before you want anyone to arrive. Once they get there, let them know food is on it’s way. Then, sit there for 20 minutes before getting up to bring it out! We might be kidding about that detail. This holiday was started by the Procrastinator’s Club of America back in 1956 and took its sweet time in gaining momentum. But, better late than never!

Video Games Day – September 12

celebrate in SeptemberVideo games have eclipsed film and music as the most lucrative entertainment industry in the world, and with good reason. People love getting lost in the immersive world of gaming.

How about getting a group together for some fun with Wii Sports? Or, maybe going mano-a-mano in some Street Fighter tournament action? A retro gaming party with Pong might be just the ticket for those old-school gamers in your crew. Video Games Day is right around the corner, but there’s still time to assemble a party that is a surefire hit!

Talk Like a Pirate Day – September 19

Founded in 1995 and eagerly anticipated every year, Talk Like a Pirate Day is your excuse to let your hair down and get silly with it. Grab your mates from the galley, straighten the old eye patch, and head to your favorite lounge for a night of fun. Yo ho ho and several bottles of rum!

Miniature Golf Day – September 21

For those of us who aren’t adept or patient enough for full sized golf, Miniature Golf replaces the stuffy and quiet vibe with an oversized dose of Fun! Why be ‘shushed’ on the straightaway when you could be yelling like a madman at your friend as they attempt to knock their ball through a windmill? Who’s having the most fun is the winner when it comes to this game!

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