5 Unique Days to Celebrate in January

unique days to celebrate in January

26 Dec 5 Unique Days to Celebrate in January

January is just around the corner, and while many people may be partied out after a busy holiday season, that’s not the case for everyone. It’s true that January isn’t a party-packed kind of month. Most people are still recovering from the fun and festivities of November and December, after all! But if you’re a party warrior, or just looking for a reason to get together with your friends, then here are 5 unique days to celebrate in January.

5 Unique Days to Celebrate in January

There are plenty of unofficial holidays year-round. Here are five unique days to celebrate in January in case you run out of reasons to celebrate, or if you just want to try something new!

National Hangover Day – January 1st

unique days to celebrate in JanuaryWhat better way to start the New Year than by drinking and partying with friends? If you’ve had a big night out, then it’s possible that you’ll be joining in on this day whether or not you plan to.

If you’ve skirted the hangover, then consider visiting your friends who weren’t so lucky with care packages. Afterwards, celebrate the fact that you got through New Years’ Eve happily hangover free.

International Skeptics Day – January 13th

Are you a skeptic? Do you know someone who is always questioning everything? Are you currently questioning whether this unofficial holiday is actually real? If so, then International Skeptics Day may be the perfect occasion for you to gather your most doubtful friends for a get-together.

Question why this holiday exists, who even thought to make an unofficial holiday, and discuss the merits of unofficial holidays year-round. Cut loose and ask all the questions for the things that you aren’t convinced about.

The best place to gather your friends for such a unique occasion is one with comfortable seating and a top-notch drink menu. We suggest Suite 36 as your destination; its chill vibe, casual chic dress code, hand-crafted cocktails, and conversation-friendly seating space is perfect for even the most skeptical people out there.

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National Hat Day – January 15th

January 15th is National Hat Day. Gather your friends, dust off your hats, and theme your party for your favorite headwear.

The best place to celebrate is one where you can show off your hats in style, so we recommend stopping by Hotel Chantelle. This retro, French-themed rooftop lounge located in the Lower East Side is the perfect place for you to sip classic cocktails with fantastic friends and fancy headwear.

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Penguin Awareness Day – January 20th

Let’s face it. Penguins are pretty cute. If you or someone you know isn’t aware of this fact, then January 20th is the perfect day to raise that awareness! Have fun with this quirky day and be creative with how you want to celebrate.

Make your outing a black-and-white affair (suits and ties optional) and make a stop by the Central Park Zoo to visit the penguins before you head out on the town.

Fun at Work Day – January 28th

Once the holidays are over, it’s too easy to sink into the post-holiday blues. Plan for January 28th to be Fun at Work Day to enliven the spirit and have a good time.

Fun at work easily translates to fun after work, too! We recommend paying Slate a visit on this unique day. This laid-back lounge in the Flatiron District features table games and a socializing-friendly living room atmosphere that’s ideal for having a great time with your friends.

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