5 Unique Days to Celebrate in November

unique days to celebrate in November

03 Oct 5 Unique Days to Celebrate in November

The holidays are almost here, meaning that there will be plenty of occasions to get together with friends and family. But what about the days surrounding the big, official holidays? If you are looking for something fun and unique for a party or a night out with friends, don’t worry. There are plenty of unofficial holidays year-round. Here are 5 unique days to celebrate in November.

5 Unique Days to Celebrate in November

November 13th – World Kindness Day

unique days to celebrate in NovemberWith the seasonal spirit and joy in the air, the holiday season is always a great time to show some extra kindness to strangers. Whether that’s holding the door open for someone, paying it forward at your local coffee shop, or donating to your favorite charity or nonprofit, winter is the perfect time of year to put some good energy into the world.

Kindness isn’t just about doing nice things for other people but can be about spending fun, quality time with friends too. Treat your friends to good food and drink at a cozy lounge such as Monarch, or make some new memories together while watching the sunset from Hudson Terrace.

The possibilities are limitless! Kick off the kindness of the holiday season by celebrating World Kindness Day on November 13th.

November 17th – Electronic Greeting Card Day

Although paper greeting cards aren’t as common anymore, electronic greeting cards are as popular as ever. There’s nothing quite like getting an unexpected hello from a friend.

Maybe you know someone who’s needing some encouragement, is going through a big life change or is about to embark on a new career path. Maybe you just want to send along an electronic greeting card for the fun of it! November 17th is your chance to send your friends a hello for no reason at all except to say hello in a unique way.

While you’re at it, go one better and invite your friends to a night out on the town at one of our fabulous lounges.

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November 23th – National Espresso Day

Gansevoort Park BarIf you don’t celebrate Thanksgiving, or if your dinner wraps up early in your day, then don’t worry about having a dull evening. This year, National Espresso Day happens to fall on the same day as Thanksgiving!

Grab your Moka pot and a slice of pumpkin pie and enjoy some freshly-brewed espresso in the company of friends and family.

Since you’ll be up all night from caffeine, visit Gansevoort Park to dance off the Thanksgiving meal!

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November 28th – Red Planet Day

unique days to celebrate in NovemberIf you’re a fan of astronomy, you’ll be pleased to know that the Red Planet has an unofficial holiday in November. It’s a truly unique occasion to celebrate our celestial neighbor.

Invite your friends over for a Mars-themed party. Need some inspiration? Bake a cake and decorate it with red icing, offer Mars bars, and gather around for sci fi movies like ‘The Martian’.

Not in the mood to prep and clean up? Book a table at a rooftop lounge like Sky Room Times Square, Gansevoort Park, or Empire Hotel Rooftop for a great view of the sky while you’re celebrating with your friends!

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November 30th – Stay Home Because You Are Well Day

Best Club Flatiron NYC - Slate NYC - Birthday Bottle ServiceWinter is the peak of cold season, and it’s not uncommon to stay home from work when you’re feeling under the weather. There aren’t any rules against staying home when you’re well. Besides, you’ll enjoy your day a lot more!

When it comes to unique days to celebrate in November, the 30th is truly something special. This day is “Stay Home Because You Are Well Day”, which means that instead of reaching for your cold medicine and favorite blanket, you can kick back and enjoy your day exactly how you want it.

If you’re taking a day off to celebrate good health, then why not make a party of it? Grab some friends and head to Slate NYC, where you’ll have your choice of fun games, great drinks and food, and a casual atmosphere to complement your day of entertainment and relaxation.

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