8 Tips to Make Your First Date a Success

28 Sep 8 Tips to Make Your First Date a Success

First dates are an exciting and momentous event. They can either set the stage for a second date and a potential long-term relationship, or they can help both people realize that it’s just not working. Here are 8 tips to make your first date a success.

8 Tips to Make Your First Date a Success

There’s no shortage of first date advice on the internet. Here are our favorite, tried and true recommendations to get your relationship off to a great start.

1. Put Away Your Phone

This might seem obvious, but smartphones have a way of eating up attention and time. You don’t need to update your entire social circle about your date while it’s still happening. You only have one chance to make a good first impression. Chances are, your date will appreciate that you’re fully invested in the conversation.

2. Ask Questions

Don’t talk about yourself all night. Make sure to ask your date meaningful questions to help you get to know each other. We recommend questions that don’t have ‘yes’ or ‘no’ answers, so get creative and find out what their favorite food is, what historical figure they might want to meet, and other unique insights!

3. …And Listen!

There is no bigger turnoff than a date who is clearly uninterested in what you have to say, but is happy to talk about themselves all night. Listen to what your date is saying, and you’ll be rewarded.

4. Be Positive

No one on their first date wants to hear about all the drama or negativity in someone else’s life. There will be time for that later! Being positive will help the energy of the evening stay upbeat and uplifted, and can improve the chances of second dates and beyond.

5. Choose A Fun Date Spot

Regardless of where you live, you’ll likely have a fun date spot in your town. Bowling, ice skating, shuffleboard, and video games are some options that help new couples get to know each other while having a great time.

6. Consider A Multi-Part Date

It’s hard to figure out whether you like someone over the thunderous beats on a dance floor. Consider starting your evening somewhere quiet like a coffee shop or restaurant, then picking up and moving to a higher-energy location like a nightclub if the vibe is right.

7. Make a Good First Impression

First impressions can only be made once. Consider carefully what kind of impression you want to give before you head out on your date. Want to project an honest image of yourself? Go for it! Wanting to be more glamorous? Then choose that route! Whatever you decide, make sure you’re comfortable and happy with your choice.

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