Entertainment Ideas for Adult Birthday Parties

Adult party entertainment ideas

27 Sep Entertainment Ideas for Adult Birthday Parties

Adult party entertainment ideas aren’t as simple as planning a party for kids. Finding a place to celebrate your birthday after 25 years may get mundane and you’ll find nothing excites you. But instead of renting a function room and spending time on décor and unnecessary planning, why not opt for a party at a lounge filled with entertaining games such as pool, billiards, and even foosball!

You don’t have to spend your precious time planning to keep your group of friends entertained. We’ll settle everything you need at these specific locations with full on bottle services along with a table so you and your friends can spend precious time together on the important things that matter.


Adult party entertainment ideas

Located in the center of Flatiron District, you’ll never find another location that provides group entertainment like Slate. Functioning as a combination of a bar, lounge and club, you’ll be thoroughly entertained throughout the night with their various specialties that offer something for everyone.

With tons of private reception spaces for your birthday parties or corporate events, it is no wonder many celebrities and esteemed corporations have held their events here at Slate. Not to mention the spacious interior spanning 16,000 square feet over two floors, adorned with beautiful state of the art decor and furniture, celebrate your party in style and functionality this weekend!

Of course, adults are always looking for entertainment and Slate promises all of it. They pride themselves on being one of the very few games sports bars that boast pool tables, ping pong, foosball tables and even a life-sized chess board to live your action packed night. Not forgetting table games such as Jenga or board games so you never have to endure a moment waiting in boredom.

All this fun is sure to work up an appetite. Slate’s vibrant atmosphere is coupled with amazing food such as your Angus sliders, tacos, and fries, making it truly the very best place to enjoy party entertainment for adults in NYC.

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Troy Liquor Bar

Adult party entertainment ideasIf you’re looking for a fun night out for your birthday, then Troy Liquor Bar will leave you feeling more than satisfied with their impressive synergy of art, fashion, and music. You will be blown away by their wide array of cocktails and insane DJ spins throughout the night. Not to mention the rustic décor and top of the class furniture, you’ll feel right at home this weekend.

The reason why parties are so often held at Troy Liquor Bar is due to their nonstop entertainment that promises to entertain everyone throughout the night. With nightly DJs that spin to the latest EDM, hip-hop, and club mixes, along with multiple pools and foosball tables, your night will be fully entertained with no exceptions.

Additionally, the dance floor is open for you to dance to your heart’s content with their signature retro cocktails available for all. Adult party entertainment ideas are a breeze when you’re in the right venue! So wait no further and come take a walk on the wild side of life at your next birthday party – we promise you the best night of your life this weekend at Troy Liquor Bar!

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