Amazing Facts About The Most Popular Alcoholic Drinks

23 Feb Amazing Facts About The Most Popular Alcoholic Drinks

Alcohol plays a big part in many people’s lives and you probably have your own favorite drink. But how much do you know about it? Whether you prefer whiskey or vodka, it’s always good to know some facts since you can’t know when the trivia will come in handy. At least, you can always surprise your drinking partners with your knowledge of drinks. Below, you can find interesting facts about the most popular alcoholic drinks.

Amazing Facts About The Most Popular Alcoholic Drinks


It’s not a secret that beer is word’s third-most popular drink, just after water and tea. An average American citizen drinks 23 gallons of it every year. But do you know that beer is also one of the oldest beverages? It dates back to Neolithic or 9500 BC! Nowadays, a regular beer has a 5% ABV, but if you go to Scotland, don’t forget to try their “Snake Venom”. This beer has a killing 67.5% ABV.

At present, there are more than 400 types of beer and Belgium has the most beer brands. Speaking of Belgium, if you want to try something fancy, the most expensive bottle of beer is “Vielle Bon Secours”. It will cost you $1000.


Amazing Facts About The Most Popular Alcoholic Drinks - Birthday Bottle ServicePeople like drinking wine and talking about it. It’s a very old drink and it takes years to become a wine connoisseur. However, there are still facts that one can learn quickly. Now it’s time to sharpen your wine knowledge!

If you have a collection of bottles, resist the temptation and don’t keep them in the kitchen or fridge. Cold and hot conditions will damage the quality. If there is no wine cellar, just keep them in a dark closet. Besides, always keep bottles lying down. That way oxygen will never get into the bottle.

What makes whine a great alcoholic beverage is that it doesn’t make you fat. What’s even better is that recent researches show that women who drink a moderate amount of wine every day carry 10 pounds less body fat than those who don’t drink. So, if you’re thinking about losing weight, have a glass of wine instead of a donut for dessert.


Vodka is a part of many cocktails; it goes great with Red Bull, juice or by itself. However, not that many people know that there are lots of interesting facts about the popular drink.

Vodka is the purest drink in the world! It’s distilled from water-ethanol and contains very few fusel oils, way less than any other alcoholic drink. Thus, it can be used for many different purposes. If you soak your razor blade in it, vodka will prevent rusting and disinfects it. Besides, vodka can be used for cleaning, alcohol will simply kill mildew.


Amazing Facts About The Most Popular Alcoholic Drinks - Birthday Bottle ServiceGin is the base for many cocktails, like martinis. From the history of it to different trivia, there are many facts to know about the beverage that you can use to surprise friends at the next party.

Unlike tequila or vodka that can go by themselves gin is meant to be mixed with something else. It adds complexity to a drink, that’s why it’s so widely used in many cocktails, such as Negroni, White Lady, Pegu Club and that’s just the top of the iceberg!

Gin has a variety of distillation processes, but the one thing that never changes is juniper. However, there is no law that states how much of it one should add. Besides, there are hundreds of ingredients to use. For instance, some gins have only three botanical flavors, others have more than 30! The flavors vary from lavender to black pepper and no two gins have the same flavor.


Whisky is a drink that has managed to infuse itself into different cultures around the globe. It’s a Scottish signature spirit, with a long and controversial history. Nobody knows who invented whiskey. Some say the Romans, others say Egyptians. However, there is no proven evidence and debates go on. But it’s a known fact that whiskey helps to protect heart health. A recent study revealed that those who consume the spirit regularly have a 50% lower chance to get a heart attack.

Everybody knows that whiskey matures in barrels. However, when it just gets into one, it’s clear. The longer whiskey is in the barrel, the darker it gets.

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