Chicago EDM Clubs with VIP Rooms

best dance clubs in chicago

12 Jul Chicago EDM Clubs with VIP Rooms

When you go to the best dance clubs in Chicago, the only way to go is as a VIP! With Birthday Bottle Service, you can skip past the bouncer and bust a move while listening to top DJs at the best dance clubs in Chicago.

the MID

best dance clubs in chicagoMeet the MID, located in the West Loop of Chicago, tucked in the middle between downtown and the outlying neighborhoods. This EDM club and live music venue has everything to give you the ultimate experience, being at the forefront of the best EDM venues in Chicago’s nightlife.

This 800-person venue offers great views of the downtown skyline and shows the beautiful sceneries of Chicago. Inside the MID, you can find ample room for dancing, three full-service bars, comfortable table seating and booths, and a cool VIP room equipped with its own DJ booth and bar.

With the second floor seating and balcony, there is not a bad place in the club, and its bathrooms are bigger than many apartments. Simple yet fancy modern details like dark and brick wood floors make the MID feel relaxed and rich. All these touches put the club in the middle of EDM club life in Chicago.

The bottle service is simply superb, and the small plates and mixers offered are perfect for those who enjoy light bites like cider glazed chicken skewers with their tasty cocktails. The MID features the most popular varieties of whiskey, cognac, vodka, and tequila. This is a great place to profile and style in VIP.

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best dance clubs in chicagoBut for those who want a much larger experience, check out the modern and upscale Sound-Bar, boasting 20,000 sq. ft. of space to dance. This EDM music club features two levels with separate DJs, multiple VIP areas, and nine full bars. LED displays illuminate the night, flashing from different angles.

The Red Room and Round Room, which flank the main dance areas of the club, offer guests a place to relax in the crimson shadows. Sound-Bar has floor-to-ceiling video projection and laser lights for fancy visual representation. It’s a great place for an EDM night out with friends, but it can also offer you enough place to throw a massive party.

The dance floor, rimmed by VIP sections and blue bars, provides energetic, trendy patrons more than 4,000 sq. ft. of space to dance to the DJ’s music. Those who are in the mood for a change should follow the mirrored stairway and floor-to-ceiling images to the second level, where they will find the second DJ’s show and watch even cooler light show reflects.

Large vinyl booths placed between green bars from VIP sections are perfect for clusters of friends downing cocktails before going back to the dance floor. Sound-Bar is diverse and trendy, so it’s a great destination for people who love to dance.

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Birthday Bottle Service

VIP rooms can really elevate a night out from great to awesome. Plan your party with Birthday Bottle Service, and you’ll breeze past the bouncer on our exclusive VIP list so you can get to the fun that much faster.

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