Luxury Hotel Lounges in NYC

Best hotel bars NYC

13 Sep Luxury Hotel Lounges in NYC

Impressive cityscapes coupled with luxurious interiors and posh furniture isn’t the sole reason for a night in NYC’s most luxurious hotels. In fact, hotel lounges are the new necessities for visitors to take a trip to the best hotel bars NYC, with their seductive allure of drinks and charming atmosphere.

If you are one to convene over a glass of Macallan 25 and conversation, all while basking in a timeless setting with your fellow colleagues, then these two best hotel bars in NYC are perfect for you.

Forty-Four at Royalton Hotel

Forty Four at Royalton HotelEndowed with fireplaces and warm fur throws, Forty-Four at Royalton Hotel is sure to seduce you with its sexy ambience and renowned bartending team. Known across NYC for its iconic lounge that is frequented by the elite and prestigious, it is without doubt one of NYC’s best hotel lounges around.

Get ready to put on your trendy nightlife attire as you are greeted and escorted by servers from the entrance to your table. With a gorgeous 20 ft. fireplace in the center of the bar and a vibrant atmosphere, Four-Four at Royalton Hotel is great for professionals to wind down after a long day at work.

Specializing in some of the very best concoctions of cocktails, you will be left breathless and in awe at this timeless hotel lounge where the word “luxury” is reinvented.

Don’t hesitate and reserve a table with us at Forty-Four at Royalton Hotel to ensure a satisfactory night out with your colleagues.

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Mr. Jones Trump Soho

Best hotel bars NYCIf you like your luxurious hotel lounges bold and seductive, then Mr. Jones Trump Soho is the hotel bar for you!

Sparing no expense at the décor to present to you the most impressive ambience anywhere in Manhattan, you’ll be greeted by an array of leather furniture and vintage Chinese lanterns all while being bathed in the warm glow of lights. Remember to don your smartest tuxedo and dresses as you embark on one of the most unforgettable nights of your life!

Accompanied by a local DJ that spins like a champ, the music will keep you on your feet for the duration of your time here.  Not to mention the rooftop bar where the impressive bartending team will cater to all your needs while you enjoy the beautiful cityscape, what more can you expect from a luxury lounge?

Do remember to reserve a table before going as Mr. Jones Trump Soho is always packed with customers from all around the city. You won’t regret your decision!

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Tips on Dressing for the Best Hotel Bars NYC

A side note to those from out of town, these are the best NYC hotel bars around the state, and a certain level of dressing is required for entry. For men, you are advised against the flamboyant display of your calves in your cargo shorts and flip flops while women should not look as though they just stepped out of a yoga class, decked in their tights and tank tops.

When it comes to luxury hotel lounges, don’t hesitate to display your most debonair or gorgeous side of you and spare no expense at dressing up or risk being denied entry at the entrance.

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