Where To Have The Best Mexican Food Party In NYC

09 Mar Where To Have The Best Mexican Food Party In NYC

NYC is a city where you can find dozens of different cuisines yet we still strive to find Mexican. While once true, the whole idea of NYC Mexican restaurants not comparing to the dishes they serve out West is now complete nonsense. From Mexican food party rooms to the oldest Mexican restaurants, these are the best places for your Mexican party. Here at Birthday Bottle Service, we have lots of Mexican food party ideas.

Mexican Food Party Ideas


From renowned chef Enrique Olvera, comes an elegant, contemporary restaurant that changes the way we think of delicious and luxury Mexican food. Cosme was opened in 2014 and during its opening months it was a real challenge to get in there. People made reservations in advance, but those, who made it through restaurant’s gates, found themselves in a glamorous place with ceiling ducts and potted plants, gray walls and wooden tables. It’s not just another average place; instead, it’s a spacious restaurant that has more than 70 global pours in the cocktail list.

Cosme’s creative dishes include duck carnitas, scallops with cucumber, wasabi and jicama, lobsters and octopuses. Mexican food party ideas - Birthday Bottle ServiceTacos and tortillas also appear on the menu accompanied by covia al pastor and tart pineapple sauce. But it’s that famous savory-sweet husk meringue with dusted hull and corn mousse that make Cosme one of the best Mexican food party rooms in NYC.

El Tenampa Deli & Grocery

You can feel special vibes before even walking in El Tenampa, a large Mexican grocery store with a spacious restaurant in the back. This old-school place with authentic food is perfect to hold a Mexican theme party or just grab horchata, get tacos and watch football with friends.

El Tenampa offers spicy Mexican food at low prices, and its menu has more than just traditional tostadas, burritos, enchiladas and tamales: you can find full trays of chicken, beef and pork, seasoned with tasty sauces.

El Tenampa is renowned for its huevos ranchos with deep fried eggs on tortillas and pepper-and-tomato sauce that can be as spicy as you want it to be. Don’t hesitate to try soups, their gazpacho and chicken and tomato soup is exceptional. As a one-stop shop, El Tenampa has everything that you could hope for when you search for a place to throw a Mexican-styled party.


Deep in the heart of Times Square, there is an upscale Mexican restaurant Toloache that has not only 3 types of guacamole to offer, but also plenty of delicious cocktails and foods. It’s like a breath of fresh air in a place filled with tourists and celebrities.

Toloache is a perfect Mexican food party room that serves decently priced, tasty foods and superb drinks. Choose a traditional guacamole or give a try to a fiery recipe with queso fresco, red onions and chipotle. Have some elegant and modern tacos and experiment with many splendid fillings, such as maitake mushrooms and huitlacoche, queso fresco and cactus or braised veal cheese, cilantro and salsa. If your stomach is growling, indulge in a bit of Mexican cuisine and satisfy your hunger with a mouthwatering dish from Toloache.

El Paso

El Paso is a humble taqueria that serves one of the tastiest south-of-the-border dishes in NYC. It’s a very plain yet cozy corner spot with both traditional foods like tacos and changing selection of specials.

Start your evening with spicy guacamole, served with the bunch of delicious tortilla chips. Then give a chance to some ceviche, which taste will bounce off your tongue. Take meat or fish tacos that go with a few condiments. Don’t miss a chance to try one of signature cocktails, choose from a wide range of Margaritas or drink Tequila shots with friends. Muy Buena!

Gran Eléctrica

Mexican food party ideas - Birthday Bottle ServiceGran Eléctrica is a newly opened restaurant in Brooklyn that serves simple but delicious Mexican food that we all love. This is just a combination of the best things about Mexican cuisine served in a cozy restaurant.

Try a bowl of cauliflower florets, jalapeño, vegetables al escabeche or a scallop ceviche. There are tasty tacos, too, stuffed with deep-fried fish, potatoes, shredded pork shoulder and chard. It comes with salsa that may also include habanero or Anaheim. Gran Eléctrica is a simple yet super-delicious place with traditional Mexican dishes and authentic atmosphere.

Birthday Bottle Service For Your Mexican Themed Party

There is something special about Mexican restaurants.  That is why we’re always happy to take a taco, enchilada or tamale and hold a party in authentic places. So, let Birthday Bottle Service help you choose the best Mexican restaurant and have the tastiest Mexican food for your next party!


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