Best Outdoors Bars NYC Has to Offer

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28 Jan Best Outdoors Bars NYC Has to Offer

If you are in New York City, then you will be glad to know that there are several options to choose from when it comes to the finest outdoor bars in the metro. In fact, there are so many of the best outdoor bars NYC has to offer, which makes it tough for most people to decide where to go. There are low-key gardens, rooftop outdoor bars and patios with casual ambience that can be perfect spots for an open-air drinking session with your friends.

So, if what you look for is top-notch service, quality drinks and simply the finest atmosphere in an outdoor bar, then these are some of the best choices in store for you.

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1. Berry Park

Rooftop bars are popular in NYC because these give people a chance to just sit back, relax, enjoy the view and spend a great time with their friends. Unfortunately, there are some outdoor bars in NYC that can be quite a challenge to get into because of the massive crowds plus sky-high prices of drinks.
At Berry Park, you have nothing to worry about when it comes to quality and rates of drinks since this down-to-earth bar offers reasonably-priced drinks and a spectacular view of the city. What’s more, this rooftop bar has the following great features:

  • Ample seating space for more than 100 guests
  • Variety of light snacks and drinks
  • With 14 beer taps to choose from
  • Amazing views of Manhattan

So, for a larger space, great views and fine choices of menu or drinks, then Berry Park is the place to go.

2. Hot Bird

If you happen to be here at Hot Bird on a summer night, particularly on a weekend, then you may find yourself standing along with the crowds. However, on a regular weekday or weekend, there is more than enough seating space here at the bar, which means you can come in whether you are with a smaller group or just a few friends.

Some of the key features of this bar include:

  • Relaxed ambience
  • Spacious floor area to accommodate several guests
  • Extensive menu selection
  • Reasonably-priced drinks

As for the choices of drinks available at the bar, there are great choices of house cocktails, wine, whiskey, and craft beers for everyone. Moreover, this bar offers a relaxed atmosphere, and you can even bring your own food for a picnic with friends. Bringing along food from other restaurants nearby is also fine. Just be sure to take some cash with you because this bar does not accept credit cards.

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3. The Ides at the Wythe Hotel

The Wythe Hotel is quite a place to be when you prefer a more classy, yet comfortable place to have a drink with friends. At night, though, you can expect to get stuck along with the crowds while waiting outside to be seated. The Ides can get packed and scenery, so it would be better to be there earlier before the rest of the crowd start flocking the place.

Most people simply love The Ides because of these amazing features:

  • Fantastic views of the city
  • Plenty of light fare menu and drinks
  • Sophisticated interiors
  • Spacious terrace

What’s amazing about this outdoor bar in NYC is that it gives you a gorgeous view of the city, specifically the Manhattan skyline. Picture yourself at the rooftop, drinking your favorite cocktail or liquor while admiring the lights and sounds beneath you. You may even want to walk around the terrace and see even more views of the city such as the East River and some parts of Brooklyn that look rather amazing at night.

4. Bar Boulud

You have probably walked around Manhattan and wondered about great outdoor bars in the city where you can just relax and unwind after a stressful time at work. When you are in this part of the city, then Bar Boulud is one place you should never miss out. It’s among the top choices of people for an open-air drinking venue because of the following features the bar offers:

  • Fantastic wine selection
  • Nearby Broadway and Lincoln Center
  • Perfect venue for people-watching and drinking
  • A few light snacks to choose from

It is worth noting that some of the wines here are rather expensive at about $25 to $30 a glass. However, it is definitely worth every dollar you pay because of the spectacular taste that will linger in your tastebuds for minutes. Dining is also a treat at Bar Boulud because of the amazing dishes served that are one of the finest in the city.

6. Maison Premiere

Bask in the cozy and nature-inspired ambience that Maison Premiere has to offer. This bar features a lovely back garden that is simply elegant and divine. It has classy wrought-iron tables, lush greenery and just the perfect spot to enjoy a quiet time while drinking.

What makes this bar a must-visit are the following outstanding features:

  • Plenty of seat choices at brunch and early dinner
  • Oysters for a dollar during Happy Hour
  • Cocktails with New Orleans theme
  • Relaxing views and ambience

Indeed, Maison Premiere is a favorite destination of those who are fond of outdoor bars because of its stunning greenery, classy atmosphere and menu at affordable prices.

7. Gallow Green

Joining this list of NYC’s best outdoor bars is Gallow Green. It is a gorgeous spot to drink outdoors because it offers spacious seating areas, signature cocktails available and panoramic views of the city. It is a favorite hangout of most people because of these features:

  • Located at the top of McKittrick Hotel
  • Rooftop garden
  • Eight cocktails and a few punches to choose from
  • Fantastic views

To secure a seat at Gallow Green, it may be best to reserve online, particularly if you are looking to drop by on a busy night on a weekend. The place can be packed, so to avoid any inconveniences, booking ahead of time is a reasonable thing to do.

These are some of your best choices for an outdoor bar in New York City. So, check out these top-rated spots today and have an amazing time as you drink outdoors and marvel at the lovely views all around you!

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