Best Rooftop Restaurants NYC Offers

The Attic Rooftop

18 Jun Best Rooftop Restaurants NYC Offers

No matter what the occasion, whether it is a birthday party, a girls’ night out, or just any regular night when you feel like relaxing and unwinding from work, the best rooftop restaurants NYC has to offer may the perfect place to go. These chic and luxurious restaurants do not only serve great food and drinks, but the ambiance is everything you want in a restaurant/lounge. You can also listen to music or simply socialize with the rest of the crowd, which should be an excellent way to make the most out of your partying experience.

So, here is a list of some of the finest rooftop restaurants in NYC that are worth visiting. Find out more about these must-see NYC restaurants and make your reservations to bypass the long queue in trying to get in.

1. The Attic Rooftop


As the name implies, this rooftop lounge is situated high up the building, which gives you a stunning view of Manhattan’s 48th and 8th avenues. You can just sit back, relax and enjoy the scenery at the terrace, while having a drink with some friends. Inside the lounge, the whole ambiance may strike you as being in Miami – laid-back and comfortable, and you will feel right at home easily.

As for the other features of this restaurant, there are modern interior decors that give the place a sophisticated and contemporary appeal. There are spiked tentacles to highlight the lounge, and these come with bright LED lights. A wide selection of drinks await you, and talented DJs spin their mixes all night long to the wee hours of the morning. With amazing music, fantastic menu, cool ambiance and vibrant crowd, the Attic Rooftop offers the best way to spend your night.

2. Empire Hotel Rooftop

Another top-rated rooftop restaurant in New York, Empire Hotel features unobstructed views of Columbus Avenue, Broadway and the Lincoln Center. With its fairly high location at the 12th floor, this should be enough to give you a lovely view of the city lights after sunset. Basically, this restaurant transforms into an upscale and vibrant lounge at night as the party starts. As for the type of people you can meet at the lounge, they are mostly yuppies and professionals over 20 years old.

Getting in can be a bit of a challenge at the Empire Hotel Rooftop, so better make a reservation to secure your spot. Once you get in, be prepared to party all night to the beat of house, top 40 and hip hop music. Just be sure to follow the dresscode and reserve a table for a hassle-free time working your way into the lounge.


An NYC lounge that you should never fail to visit, the DL NYC is situated in between Orchard and Ludlow, specifically in the Lower East Side. This rooftop restaurant features two rooms, which can be separated for two different parties, or joined together during large events. As you head off to the third floor, you will find an outdoor patio with a retractable roof – all housed in a spacious room. Great views of the city await you including the Williamsburg Bridge and the Lower East Side.

Party all night as you dance to the beat of cool mixes by the DJ, or have a drink with other guests at the lounge. If you are coming on a weekend, it is highly recommended to make your reservations since the place can get quite packed. This is a clear proof that the lounge gets quite busy because of regular guests and first-timers who are drawn to the style and atmosphere in this fine NYC rooftop restaurant.

4. Hudson Terrace NYC

Drink, dance, mingle with guests at this spacious and chic rooftop restaurant in New York City. The Hudson Terrace offers you with an amazing experience as you party with the rest of the crowd from sundown until the early morning. This two-story restaurant offers live music, extensive selection of drinks, and remarkable views of the city.

Upon entering the lounge, you will be impressed by the sassy decor such as the Swarovski crystal chandeliers and fine details that enhance the overall appeal of the lounge. In fact, you may want to spend more time at the rooftop terrace where you can lounge on the comfy sofas and have a drink while relaxing in the glass-walled cabanas if the temperature drops. With house and hiphop music playing all night, you should find yourself at home in this upbeat and luxurious NYC lounge.

5. Hotel Chantelle

Check out this retro-ish lounge located in the Lower East Side. Hotel Chantelle takes you to a time travel back in the 1940s in posh and glamorous Paris, thanks to its sophisticated decor, red leather couches and gorgeous furniture. As you walk over to the bar, you will find yourself surrounded by plenty of options for drinks including cocktails, liquor and wine. Most importantly, upbeat music adds to the great atmosphere of the lounge, so you can just relax and have a blast.

Make it a point to drop by and experience the magic here at Hotel Chantelle, which happens just about every night until the early dawn. This is the best place you can find where birthday parties, night out, and any event are made even more special.

6. Gansevoort Park Rooftop

A typical NYC party will never be complete unless you celebrate it at the Gansevoort Park Rooftop. With numerous bars, a spacious terrace and rooftop lounge all found in this 20,000 square-foot lounge, this is the perfect place for a large party where you can have some booze, dance, and rub elbows with A-listers. In fact, it is one of the few NYC rooftop restaurants where you can see famous celebrities and TV personalities – a solid evidence that the Gansevoort Park is popular among the stars.

Another fantastic feature of this tri-level rooftop NYC lounge is the glass-enclosed area where you can relax when the weather is a bit chilly. There are also mini dance floors all over, so you can party the night away and be immersed into the vibrant ambiance that this lounge has to offer.

So, choose from these NYC rooftop lounges and restaurants today where you can party for hours and have the grandest time you deserve!

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