The Best Venues For Dinner And Dancing NYC Has To Offer

Ainsworth Park NYC

23 Feb The Best Venues For Dinner And Dancing NYC Has To Offer

Are you planning an event in NYC and are looking for the best venues with Dinner and Dancing NYC has to offer? If so we are here to help! We’ve scrounged, and searched, and researched, and have come up with the list of the top dinner and dining venues in the city that never sleeps! These are the creme de la creme, the venues we know you will absolutely love!

The factors we considered where quality of service, ambiance, location and reviews from previous customers. Needless to say, we think you’ll be pleased, after all, what’s not to love about a chic danceclub/restaurant to host your party or event? With the best chefs, amazing DJ’s or bands, and beautiful interiors or decor, these ten places really do have it all.

1. The Ainsworth NYC

Ainsworth Park

The Ainsworth, in NYC is the perfect blend of a classic American upscale dining, that boast a bar and event hosting area. With delicious food, amazing ambiance, beautiful decor, and central location, The Ainsworth is one of the premiere party venues, and an ideal location to host your birthday party, graduation, promotion or any other event.

Located in the Chelsea Flower District, the venue brings together the food, fun and flavor that has put Manhattan on the map, and merged it seamlessly with a rustic chic decor. Boasting over 6000 square feet of dining, bar and event area this venue is one of the favorite spots for hosting parties in the area.

2. Hotel Chantelle

Hotel Chantelle

Of course, not everyone is down for some rustic fun, so if you prefer a taste of the ‘Continent’ in the form of french cuisine, Hotel Chantelle is the place for you! The classic venue bring you a retro design, with roof top french gardens and amazing cocktail lounges that transport you to southern France, reminiscent of the 1940’s.

The hotel also boasts a London themed night club, with amazing DJ’s, a celeb favorite spot! With drinks to reflect the theme, like the Libertine, and the King Henry, it’s the perfect spot to host a themed party or simply, get a taste of Europe. You really can’t go wrong! It is truly one of the best venues for dinner and Dancing NYC has to offer.

3. The Sky Room – Times Square


There is no place more classic New York than Times Square, and The Sky Room offers the best there is. It is the perfect venue for corporate meetings, private screenings, social gatherings, holiday or birthday parties and fashion shows. With a massive list of amenities to help you plan you event, and personalize the space, it really is a no-brainer.

Services include:

  • In-house event planning staff
  • In-house florist
  • Full Kitchen
  • International selection of food
  • In-house mixologists
  • In-house creative and sound technician
  • In-house graphic designers
  • In-house catering staff

Believe it or not, that’s not all, the 6500 square foot venue comes with 3 main rooms, as well as a long list of amenities, from outdoor spaces, to retractable roofs, large screen TV’s and private Cabanas. If you are looking to make an impression with the best dinner and dancing NYC has to offer, The Sky Room is the way to go!

4. Royal NYC

The Royal NYC

If you are a sports fan, Royal NYC is an amazing venue to host your even at. Located right below Union Square, the 2400 square foot venue is a sports fans Mecca! With massive lounge, and walls lined with over 40 television screens, Royal NYC is the perfect place to plan your birthday, or a night out with your boys.

The menu, specially designed for group ordering, is the gourmet version of traditional American bar food, providing delicious filling meals, great ambiance, drinks and fun.

5. The Attic Rooftop

XVI Attic

Located on the top of the Hilton Hotel, The Attic Rooftop transports you to a place reminiscent of Miami. Sixteen floors above the city, the chic rooftop garden venue has taken it’s inspiration from the golden era of Hollywood, with all the glamour, glitz and sophistication of a place built for the stars.

While the outdoor rooftop garden is relaxing and quiet, the penthouse lounge boasts bright colors, and a contemporary feel. This is the perfect place to transition from dinner to party, a place full of everything we love about New York City, with fun, elegance, style and class with loads of fun and delicious food!

6. Maple Restaurant And Lounge

Maple Restaurant and Lounge is a hidden gem located inside the Night Hotel, a Times Square landmark. Nestled safely away from the bustle of the city, the venue offers delicious food, great ambiance, unique decor and a beautiful hosting venue for private events.

This massive venue can accommodate up to 300 guests, or can be made to suit a more intimate party of 45-50 guests. The venue also offers a variety of packages, allowing you to customize the event to suit your parties needs. This includes a beverage and consumption package.


DL 5

Located in Manhattans Lower East Side, the DL restaurant/lounge is an amazing place to host your event, party or celebration. With two separate rooms that can be used individually, the venue can be used to accommodate a wide variety of needs for individual events. The crown jewel is of course, the spacious third floor. With it’s retractable roof and patio, it provides a one of a kind hosting venue that will be the talk of the town for your guests.

There you have it, the top, most amazing places dinner and dancing NYC has to offer! Hosting your event doesn’t have to be a drag, and no need to open your home to host it, renting one of these premier venues in NYC is a great way to throw a memorable event, giving your guests the night of a lifetime, in beautiful NYC.

Regardless of your personal tastes, of you prefer sports, french chic, or rustic outdoor dining, there really is a bit of everything in this City that never sleeps! We know that you’ll simply love any one of these amazing options.

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