Nightlife Hot Spots Every Night of the Week in Boston

Boston nightclubs

30 Jun Nightlife Hot Spots Every Night of the Week in Boston

Many nightclubs open their doors to hard-core, late-night partiers only a couple of nights a week. Tourists, college students on summer break, and people who just want to blow off some steam after a hard day at work often can’t wait for the weekend. Fortunately, there are plenty of Boston nightclubs open throughout the week.

Planning a Weeknight Out

Before you hop the T to your local nightclub, you’ll first want to check the website to make sure they’re open and playing live music. There’s no disappointment quite like getting pumped to party and arriving at your destination only to find them closed. No hours on the website? Give them a call!

And remember, dress appropriately for your chosen venue. It may be tempting to show up in your office gear or workout clothes, but you always want to look your best.

Boston Nightclubs


Boston nightclubsGet your dance on as early as Thursday night at Venu, where you’ll be in fine company with an upscale clientele. Plan to dress to impress at this chic nightclub. You can expect to catch Summer School, Venu Fridays, and Entourage every week.

Enjoy top-quality DJs and performances at Venu, and prepare to be thrilled by a state of the art sound system and innovative lighting for a complete experience.

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Boston nightclubsGood music in a fun setting is what Royale is all about. There is plenty of space at Royale to kick back and relax with a cocktail. You can also relax and dance or socialize in this spacious venue. Sofa King Fridays usually feature regular local Djs on a weekly basis. You’ll also catch guest DJs from around the globe.

Music isn’t limited to a couple of nights per week at this venue. Royale features musicians from all over the world throughout the week. Their upcoming events are regularly updated, so check out who’s playing!

Catching an event at the last minute? No problem! Tickets are sold both in advance and at the door.

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