What To Consider When Choosing A Birthday Event Venue

02 Mar What To Consider When Choosing A Birthday Event Venue

An unforgettable birthday party consists of many elements, but the venue sets the scene and influences the guests’ experience. Moreover, the fact that it’s one of the biggest expenses that only gives you more pressure. Luckily, there are some basic rules to follow in order to get a list of perfect birthday party venues for adults where you can host your event.

Birthday Party Venues For Adults

birthday party venues for adults - Birthday Bottle ServiceBefore you start searching for birthday venues for adults, you should consider two important things:

  1. Budget – Every successful party has a very well thought out budget. Before searching for party venues for adults, divide your budget into parts based upon everything you want to have. Think about DJs, birthday cakes, decorations and space and watch guests enjoying your party.
  2. Number Of Guests – Start creating a guest list and think about who you want to invite to your birthday party. Plan it in advance to send invitations as early as possible. It serves two purposes: guests have enough time for preparations and you can start thinking of event places.

Once you decide on these two things, you can start searching for birthday party venues. If you book it well in advance, you’ll be certain about the date of the event and ensure there is no rush to decide on everything.

Venue Design

The decoration is the easiest way to convey your party’s theme and deepen guests’ engagement. If it doesn’t match the feeling of your event, the more you’ll have to spend to customize the venue. If you don’t know how to decorate the place, you’ll also need to find a professional who understands everything you want to convey.

Not only décor itself but the space layout, signage and table arrangement of birthday party venues play an important role and can either make or break your party. It’s a crucial thing to consider especially when you have speakers or performance on stage. To make the process easier, you might hire a specialist who will take care of the way people move through space.

Necessary Equipment

Birthday party venues for adults usually have all necessary equipment and facilities you may need for your event. However, it’s advised to make a list of your needs, which includes tablecloths, visual equipment, lightning, electrical supplies and everything you may need. Once it’s done, you’ll see if chosen event venues have it or if there is anything they won’t be able to deliver. In this case, you can outsource your equipment needs. Many venues work with trustworthy suppliers, or can offer a discount. Birthday Bottle Service’s team will help you to get everything you might want.


You’ve probably attended an event, where you couldn’t hear anybody because it was so loud. It’s a problem with acoustics. The way sound goes through the venue depends on many things that usually are underestimated. For instance, event venues with low ceilings seem comfy, but they are usually louder. However, large party venues for adults may have echoes.

Nevertheless, acoustics can be fixed by wise use of patios or acoustics clouds. If you think that this venue is perfect for your event, give us a call and we’ll think of the best option to solve the problem.


birthday party venues for adults - Birthday Bottle ServiceEverybody loves parties with great food!  Party venues for adults usually have a kitchen on-site and liquor license to serve alcoholic cocktails and drinks. If you want something special, some venues agree to work with venues outside their network or can serve their partner’s food and drinks. Birthday Bottle Service can offer complimentary bottle service packages and VIP treatment for its clients. All venues we work with are permitted to serve alcoholic beverages and provide our clients with discount bottle deals.

Once you decide about your guest list, you can ask about options for vegetarians or guests having allergies, if they come to your party. Don’t forget to take care of snacks to nibble on while waiting for the main dish.


Birthday party venues for adults have lots of entertainment to offer, you only need to decide if you want a life band, a DJ, a host or a special guest. Ask Birthday Bottle Service’s team about the visual equipment of the chosen venue, like video screens and microphones.

If you’re choosing the best out of many birthday party venues for adults, contact Birthday Bottle Service to find out about options to hold an unforgettable party.

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