A Hot Club for Cold Boston Nights

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05 Jan A Hot Club for Cold Boston Nights

During the winter, many people tend to stay indoors especially at night when temperatures plunge to freezing levels. Don’t let the chilly winter stop you from hitting the dance club in Boston and having the time of your life.

The following nightclub boasts a warm and cozy ambience in contrast to the dull winter, allowing you to feel right at home despite the unfriendly season. Not to mention, the club is well acclaimed for their world-class sound systems and renowned DJs so your night would be filled with nothing but the smoothest beats. Welcome the cold Boston Nights with Birthday Bottle Service this winter!

Candibar Nightclub

Dance clubs in BostonCandibar Nightclub is one of the new up and coming nightclubs here in Boston city. Located near the Theatre District, Candibar Nightclub was previously renovated from Underbar, a club lounge that was renowned for its impressive dance and nightlife.

Of course, Candibar doesn’t lose out to its predecessor in terms of its impressive sound system, with 10,000 watt of power and a lighting setup that projects 1.2 million colors! Talk about impressive, this beast of an entertainment system will warm your soul as you dance to the greatest hits through the night.  There’s everything you ever wanted to enjoy clubbing in Boston this winter!

Inside the lounge, the space is adorned with futuristic looking LED lights and bartenders that serve up your favorite cocktails on stylish granite countertops. If you’re down to chill on that night, grab a seat in the private stage that hosts 25 seats for you and your friends as your personal doorman stands by at your service. The seats are shaped in seductive red lips and hearts lending the environment a chic classy ambience.

Finally, when you’re ready for the best dancing in Boston, head to the dance floor where a rotating DJ’s booth is at the center of the stage, spinning the very best hip hop and house music known to Boston’s nightlife. It couldn’t get any better at Candibar Nightclub for those looking for dance clubs in Boston so make your way down today!

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