Empire Hotel Rooftop NYC

Empire Hotel Rooftop NYC

17 Jun Empire Hotel Rooftop NYC

The Ultimate Evening At Empire Hotel Rooftop NYC

Whenever you are in New York City, one of the most amazing destinations on the east coast, it is imperative that you take every chance that you get to experience all that this city has to offer. From incredible sightseeing and museums to the best restaurants and night clubs, New York City really has something special for everyone to enjoy. If you really want to make the most out of your adventures in the city that never sleeps, you simply must make the time to take in some of the views from the Empire Hotel Rooftop NYC.

Located in the Empire Hotel in Downtown NYC, the Rooftop Bar & Lounge is an outdoor space that boasts three different terraces that give stunning views of both Central Park and Lincoln Center. Complete with an incredible bar that is made from sleek, stacked metal pipes, you will find some of the most delicious speciality cocktails in the entire city. This is one spot that is not only a must see while you are in the area but also one of the hottest amongst all of the locals who are looking to mingle and enjoy the breathtaking views.

The Empire Hotel itself has 423 gorgeous luxury suites and hotels rooms, so if you are looking for a swanky place to stay when you visit the city, this is definitely it. Inside, guests can take advantage of full concierge service, a complimentary fitness center, in room dining and even a pool deck. And yes, the pool deck is also located up on the Empire Hotel Rooftop!

Open seasonally, the Pool Deck at the Empire Hotel Rooftop NYC is truly a one of a kind experience. Guests at the hotel are able to take in the warm rays of the sun or take a dip in the tempting waters of the pool. For refreshments, the Pool Deck menu is filled with all sorts of delicious beverage and food options. Even if you are unable to enjoy it during the day, there are also night time hours that you can take advantage of for a quick dip in the pool with all of the sights and sounds of bustling New York City in the background.

When you make plans to hit the NYC Rooftop Bar & Lounge at the Empire Hotel NYC, be sure to bring along your camera. Without looking like too much of a tourist, you can snap a few shots with friends with the New York City backdrop behind you. Call over one of the friendly waitstaff and order a signature drink that you can sip on while taking in all of the stunning surroundings.

All in all, this is a magnificent place to stay and play whenever you are planning an adventure in historical New York City. Just the right location nearby plenty of amazing must see stops in the  city, the Empire Hotel is a wonderful choice when you want luxury accommodations. If you are simply looking for a memorable dining or drink experience during your trip, a stop at the Empire Hotel Rooftop NYC is a true must.

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