Stylish EDM Clubs in Chicago’s River North

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07 Jul Stylish EDM Clubs in Chicago’s River North

Over the last couple of years, Chicago’s EDM club music scene has changed. World-renowned DJs such as Spider, Calvin Harris, EDX, Tiesto, and Bassnectar have frequented the EDM clubs of the River North district.


edm club musicWith its bombastic beats, in-the-know attitude, and plunging necklines, Graffiti is featured on every serious EDM party’s calendar. Graffiti is the number one EDM venue in River North and symbolizes the growth and popularity of EDM in Chicago.

Dramatic lighting and unique technology turn a spacious place into sensory bliss. This bar boasts a cool dance floor, incredible drink specials, and regular nights of EDM. When you’re not winning on the dance floor, people watching is also quite electric. Graffiti also prides itself for craft beer.

If it’s your first EDM party, dress comfortably since you’ll be dancing all night long. Ravers are some of the nicest people you could hang with, so just do the same. As long as you’re having fun, everyone will flock to you. Pick up an underground look that’s insanely cool and has enough momentum to be recognizable. Be sporty and fun!

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edm club musicAnother great place and a celebrity hangout is Parliament, which proclaims itself as a stylish mix between American swag and old English Style. Opened in 2013, this new nightclub boasts nightly DJ music, a large drink menu, and a luxury rooftop lounge. The club has dozens of tables and five bars to choose from. Reserve a booth with friends and try one of the tastiest specialty drinks, such as Big Ben (Solerno blood orange liqueur, Hendrick’s Gin, cucumber and passion fruit syrup) or the Gavel (Luxardo bitter, Ketel One, fresh lemon, honey syrup and raspberries).

From the inside, Parliament looks like the House of Lords in Westminster Palace. The great thing about the interior is that every booth is facing the speakers in the center of the room, which is better than looking at the line for the washroom. Everyone feels like a Lord there and everyone is on equal footing, while DJs are the Lord High Chancellor. Presiding over the crowd and mixing hot EDM mix, DJs choose songs that fit the mood the most.

The layout of the Parliament is unique – you don’t start at the top, you work your way down and the rooftop is the first place you enter. If an urge for Beyonce kicks in and the booze starts flowing, go to the fancy glass elevator on the main floor. As the elevator progresses from the roof, you’ll see the crowd below. Or you can simply pop in through the VIP entrance reserved for special guests.

Show some skin at Parliament. Wear something that you feel comfortable, you can wear neon colors, sequins, fringe, metallic or lace- all eye-catching accessories are perfect for this club, just don’t overdo it and make sure your heels are comfortable because you’re going to be dancing till the morning.

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