The Best NYC Nightlife!

NYC Nightlife - Birthday Bottle Service

24 Jun The Best NYC Nightlife!

New York has been given many nicknames over the years. From the Big Apple to the Concrete Jungle, but one name brings out the fun and party side of New York: The City That Doesn’t Sleep. When you think about it, the NYC nightlife has been sought after and well known around the world. But the question comes down to what is The NYC nightlife like, and what are some popular venues that are must sees? Let’s take a look at the answers to these questions, and bring along a party hat, because some of these places will be sure to get you into the feel of nightlife, whatever your tastes.

NYC Nightlife - Birthday Bottle Service

To begin, New York City boasts some of the hottest clubs, lounges, rooftop terraces, bars and the all around NYC nightlife for any personality. If you like to chill with friends while listening to smooth jazz and holding a beer, there’s a place for you. If you like the music to be so loud your heartbeat is forced to synchronize with the bass, there’s a place for you. If you need a place to play pool and melt the stress of the work week away, oh yea, there’s a place for you. But to speak is one thing, to do and to show is completely another. Let’s see the top 6 nightlife hot spots from a recent New York survey.

1. Hudson Terrace NYC – Sitting above the water on the west side in Manhattan, Hudson Terrace is the place for a simple evening out with friends, while sipping drinks, and enjoying the conversation of the evening.

2. Slate NYC – When it comes to having what you want, Slate lets you have your cake and eat it too. Itís an all-around package for the evening out. Known as one of the best venues in the lovely New York City, Slate combines billiards with an array of entertainment. If you havenít been to Slate, you haven’t seen the NYC nightlife.

3. But what does the lower east side have to say? Over on Bowery we find the dazzling Katra Lounge. If you want a high taste completely luxury atmosphere, this Moroccan themed lounge will do the trick.

4. Are you the artsy type? Then you definitely have to take walk over to 7th Ave and Barrow in the West Village. Here you will find Actor’s Playhouse NYC. A theater set seating 162 that has even had some premiere plays like Lorcais Blood Wedding. Some of the biggest Broadway shows have been seen here, and this year Cirque du Soleil is even getting in on the night scene here. Definitely a must see place.

5. What is the point of being in a city filled with sky scrapers if you never check out the roof? The Empire Hotel Rooftop NYC is the place to finish off that idea. One of the most amazing sights in NYC, and an atmosphere that will make anyone feel comfortable.

6. While we’re on the topic of roof-top fun, you can’t miss the Gansevoort Park Rooftop. You will be presently surprised at what this venue has to offer. You can enjoy drinks, music, and take a look out at one of the best views of the New York City Skyline as well as one of the closest views of the Empire State Building (a New York City must see).

So when it comes down to it, everyone wants to experience what the NYC nightlife has to offer, but itís always a question of where. And it is true, you just can’t beat some of the top spots! These top venues are among the elite, but there are many more places to see. All in all, there’s no nightlife like NYC nightlife.

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