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16 Feb Favorite Boston Nightclubs

Nightclubs in Boston are mostly concentrated in the Theater District and Chinatown. It’s easy to grab a cab in the area, but how to choose a perfect club that will meet all your requirements? If you feel the urge to hit up a club, check out the favorite Boston nightclubs.


venu nightclubVenu is a place that attracts the sexiest crowd. It’s one of the hottest Boston’s dance clubs with interior design by renowned JFS Studious. When midnight rolls around, charismatic DJs play hip-hop, Latin, old school and techno dance floor is always packed with beautiful people while several bars are fully packed to serve your needs.

Venu is one of the most popular places to party and once 11 pm rolls around, the crowd flood the entrance. Birthday Bottle Service has a special Bottle Package, which includes guest list and VIP tables for 4 or 8 guests with which you can easily get through well-guarded doors and have the memorable experience. Book a party ahead to ensure an unforgettable night at Venu!

The club is opened every day from 10 pm to 2 am, so dress your best and bust great moves.


Underbar NightclubUnderbar is known internationally as one of the top destinations for partygoers around the globe. It attracts a mixed crowd and has an unbeatable reputation. Underbar is always packed with people, but Saturdays are the most famous for Electronic Dance music when genre lovers come to enjoy everything that Underbar has to offer.

The sound system is arguably one of the best in the region, which gives the club the right to proclaim that they have the best sound in the whole city. A special VIP area is in the back of the main area attached to the DJ booth. Grab a drink and brace your ears for the best sound system in Boston!


Royale NightclubRoyale is a solid proof that former opera house can be transformed into the hottest nightclub. With a capacity of 1,300, it has a huge wooden dance floor, astonishing sound system, and comfy seats. It’s a great place to throw a party. Costumed, beautiful go-go dancers set the mood, DJs play all kinds of music like alt rock, electronic, top 40 remixes and hip-hop.

The club remains open in Fridays and Saturdays from 10 pm to 2 am, the cover can go from zero to 25, depending on the special events and concerts. Royale is officially the biggest club in Boston located right in the middle of Theater District and is a perfect choice for a party or a night out. Reserve a bottle package from Birthday Bottle Service and have a great time in the renowned venue.


Guilt Club BostonVeterans of Boston nightlife remember this spot as the former JukeBox, one of the longest running clubs in the city. Nowadays it covers 5,000 square feet of luxuriously decorated space, which creates an intimate atmosphere for dancing.

Guilt has several VIP sections, many bars, ultra-modern light and sound systems. The club can take up to 400 people, which is reached on weekends. Guilt is a great place for a backdrop with private seats, dance floors, and bars.

The club is opened on Fridays and Saturdays, from 10 pm to 2 am, special concerts can start earlier and on different days. Have an unforgettable night and keep the party running smoothly with Birthday Bottle Service’s bottle package at Guilt Club.

Candibar Nightclub

Candibar Nightclub BarNot that long ago Candibar got an upgrade which includes a modern lighting system and stunning design filled with red color, seats in the shape of lips and ottomans that look like ruby hearts. When you move into the club, you notice a new stage, furniture, and reconstructed DJ booth.

Nowadays Candibar is known as one of the hottest clubs in the Theatre District. The doors are opened daily from 10 pm to 2 am. Inside you can find multiple rooms, rotating DJ’s scene and private stage with 25 seats Candibar is a great choice for a party.

Birthday Bottle Service offers you a bottle package, with which you can get bottle specials and the best deals for your party!


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