Full-Service Sports bars in NYC

sports bars in NYC

20 Sep Full-Service Sports bars in NYC

With the 2016 NFL season in full swing, it is only natural if you want to unwind after a long day at work and just chill in a sports bar with an ice cold beer in your hand. But the very worst scenario you want is for some rowdy fight to break out beside you while you’re enjoying the game with your friends.

Fret not for we selected these top three recommendations of the best sports bars in NYC, equipped with the largest widescreen full HD displays for comfortable viewings along with awesome food and ambience, all in one posh location. Gone are the days of shady dive bars with constant bar fights and poor furnishing that will cause a headache more severe than your worst hangover.

Proper West

Proper WestArmed with a total of 16 big LED flat screens for your viewing pleasures, as well as two levels of 5,000 square feet space, Proper West is one of the top sports bars in NYC. One of NYC’s most fashionable sports bars, the décor is one of modern contemporary pieces, with portraits lined across the hallways of the bar.

With an entire kitchen serving delightful appetizers such as their signature burgers and truffle fries, you’ll be able to enjoy your cold beer together with some snacks all while seeing your favorite team play.

Additionally, if you plan to have a party or event, the second level mezzanine gives you a bird’s eye view of the entire main level, making it both a unique and enjoyable experience.

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Bounce Sporting Club

Bounce Sporting Club NYCIf you’re looking for a sports club with a lounge feel to it, then Bounce Sporting Club is the one for you.

Specializing as an upscale sports bar in New York, this bar is renowned for their Asian-influenced appetizers along with their resident mixologist – Charlotte Voisey. If you enjoy sipping on a bespoke drink while catching up with your friends over sports, then Bounce Sporting Club will satisfy your needs.

While waiting for your games to kick off, you can sink your teeth into their mouthwatering menu that boasts of bite sized appetizers and flavorsome finger foods.  Not to mention, this bar is one of the few NYC sports bars that opens till 4am daily (except Sunday) so you can dance your night away even after your sports game is over.

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SideBAR NYCCraving for some warmth and coziness while watching your favorite team wreak havoc on an HD television and projector? Look no further as SideBAR NYC spares no expense with their unique ambience, highlighted by wooden accents giving you a rustic and cozy feel. With weekly events that feature different sports such as the NFL or Tennis, this venue will be perfect for your parties and private events.

If you’d like a private room, do book early with us as SideBAR NYC is often packed to the core at peak hours. Room capacity is around 50, with sufficient seats for 30 people so it is perfect for mini parties or after work events.

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