Planning Game Night: Going out vs Staying In

05 Jul Planning Game Night: Going out vs Staying In

Who can say that adult parties are only about game night food and whiskey? Having a game night party is a great way to socialize, watch the big game, and have lots of fun with friends. The first step in planning game night is to decide whether to go out or stay in.

Planning Game Night at Home

football fans concept of beer bottle in brown paper bag, chips,If you’re going to throw a game night party at home, you should start preparing well in advance and think about many little details. First of all, start decorating your house. One of the best ideas would be to pick your favorite football team and use it as the inspiration for decorations. You can use team-themed colors, streamers, and balloons.

Depending on the number of guests, think of setting up relaxation zones where people can step away from the action for a moment and have a place to talk about the game. And what’s the most important during the game night? Food! Place food and drink stations around the main entertainment, and don’t forget about the music.

However, making everything right at home is time-consuming, and you may not have the bites your friends will go crazy for. For those who don’t want to spend hours preparing the house and then, even more hours cleaning it, sports bars are the perfect option.

Bull & Bear

game night foodYou can find Bull & Bear just steps away from the iconic Merchandise Mart and the busy financial district of Chicago. The best thing is their unique table taps. Their comfortable booths are equipped with taps so that guests can easily pour their chilly pints. You can even reserve a table according to your drinking preferences! Just contact the bar  in advance and customize your table to pour the drinks of your choice.

But what really makes Bull & Bear the best spot to have an unforgettable football game night? Their food and drinks! The menu features brunch, lunch, dinner, and bar treats so you can satisfy your appetite at any time of day.

The cocktail menu has perfect game night tipples, such as Mint Condition (fresh mint, Jameson, Rumpleminz, Agave Nectar and Bailey’s) and Dirty Money (ginger beer, fresh lime juice and Belvedere). If you’re a beer lover, you can choose from Duvel, Fat Tire, Newcastle, Guinness, Goose Island, Stella Artois, and many others. If all table taps are reserved, Bull & Bear’s cocktail and beer barrels are famous for drawing envious glances from onlookers.

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Public House

game night foodFor big parties that need more space, check out Bull & Bear’s bigger sibling – Public House. From the owners of Bull & Bear, this sports bar with a more pub-like feel can please suit-wearing after work visitors, wandering tourists, and fun-loving companies alike.

A dozen booths have self-service taps, just like those that many love at Bull & Bear. These booths have more bells and whistles though, such as touch-screen keyboards that allow guests to send messages to other booths, log on to Twitter, post pictures in Instagram, and order a chilled liquor on tap that replaces bottle service.

Public House even has a cool private party area with six taps conveniently built directly into the wall. TVs are everywhere so you and your group can watch your favorite team playing football from any spot. Public House also features a gastropub menu that features ideal game night food such as sandwiches, chops, and burgers.

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