Glamorous Manhattan Bachelorette Party Venues

Glamorous hen party ideas

06 Oct Glamorous Manhattan Bachelorette Party Venues

The greatest thing about marriage, aside from getting married of course, is the bachelorette party on the weekend before the marriage. It is only right that the bride’s last single night out with her best friends should be spent in the most elegant and upscale posh lounges in NYC. For those looking for some glamorous party ideas for your hen party, look no further. Birthday Bottle Service has got you covered with two of our best bars that will leave the bride jubilant and ready for her wedding with a joyous smile.

Open House

open-house-bar-nycStarring both a cocktail bar and a club, prepare for a great night of music, dance and drinks at Open House. The bride and your girlfriends will quickly lose yourself in this luxurious and elegant bar. One of the few posh hen party ideas around, holding your bachelorette party here is perfect, with their dedicated mixologist and amazing appetisers and platters for your group.

This bar is perfect if you’re looking for a classy hen party with its charming contemporary ambience that simply embraces your presence the moment you set foot in the club. The interior design that leaves you breathless was designed by the legendary nightlife guru, Steve Lewis, putting together the best place for your hen party.

If you’ve not got the faintest idea for glamorous hen party ideas, let Birthday Bottle Service handle the planning at Open House for you. Simply submit a booking with us and we’ll think of tasteful hen party ideas that will leave the bride awestruck and satisfied by the end of the night!

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Gold Bar

gold bar nyc loungeIf celebrating her final single moments in royalty is what the bride desires, then Gold Bar NYC has the most glamorous party ideas for you. Not known as NYC’s top nightlife destination for nothing, the Gold Bar is literally Gold. Adorned with luxurious glass chandeliers, golden skulls decked across walls and even a golden leaf vaulted ceiling, you’ll experience the most lavish night here at Gold Bar with the ladies.

With great music, ample space and amazing drinks, Gold bar is just the place to be if you want to step your hen party up by a notch. The lounge area is spacious and the exquisite drinks are created by their resident mixologist, Tim Cooper.

It is extremely hard to get in from the queue line simply because this is NYC’s most popular and exclusive bar.  So, wait no further and get your table for Gold Bar today if you want the best night out for your bachelorette party!

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Glamorous Hen Party Ideas

Even though the party doesn’t get started till the bride walks in, tasteful hen parties rarely start off too early in the night. If you’re looking for ideas on things to do before starting your party with a bang, here are some glam party ideas.

Most ladies start off their hen party by pampering themselves with a nice, gastronomical brunch followed by a spa to pamper their skin. You want your bride to be feeling and looking good before kick starting the night! Finally, begin with cocktail concoctions whipped out by the mixologists in the bars above before embarking on a great night out!


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