How To Have A Great Birthday Party

06 Apr How To Have A Great Birthday Party

That everybody loves a birthday party is not a matter of surprise. A birthday party is like our personal holidays for celebrating with all our friends. That’s why these events need to be celebrated doing something really special, like choosing a theme and building the party around it. Working with a reputable birthday services company is an excellent option for making sure that your birthday party is a success! Below you can find some really fun and easy birthday party ideas for adults.

Birthday Party Ideas

If you don’t know where to start, think of a theme focusing which you will organize decorations, games, food and invitations. For example, you can go for a day of fun! Think of everything you love, like favorite food, things, and activities, and fill the day with  them. Each step can have a surprise, or a game, that you and your friends enjoy, and you can whisk from one to another – or just create notes, give them to guests and let them choose. This could last for the whole day and nobody will feel bored!

An invitation is a great way to express your creativity and add a personal touch to a birthday party. Give your guests a fun impression by sending them something you made yourself. For example, make your own pouchette invitations. You can buy blank ones and decorate them or just make completely customized invitations with colors and papers, pouchette invitations always add a bit of style to any party. The customized birthday invitation is an easy way to impress your guests.

Birthday Services - Birthday Bottle ServiceDecorations are a fun to add adorable charm to your event; they bring the theme of any party together. So, create a checklist of things you need. Decorations can include candles, balloons, banners, signs, party hats, and confetti that you can find in the nearest party supply store. However, you can make your birthday party shine with DIY decorations! For example, make some confetti tumblers, fill them with juice or cocktails and you get a perfect treat.

To make festive looking glasses, you only need painters tape and spray paint. Simply tape off the bottom of your glass, stick some dots and paint the bottom with the spray. Then grab a few ingredients, make cocktails and serve them! You can also take mason jars, make a hole in the lid, slip rubber grommet through it and put a straw in it. It’s perfect for summer parties and keeps dust out of your beverages.

Entertainment is an essential part of a great birthday party!  Perfect birthday party games for adults should be silly but not childish. These games don’t require any preparations and will keep your guests on the edge of their seats. To break the ice and warm up your guests, start with the “Darling, I love you” game. Let everybody sit in the circle with somebody in the middle. This person should go up to others and say “Darling, I love you, give me a smile”. The person should respond with “Darling, I love you too, but I can’t smile”. The rule for others is not to smile; the one in the middle should do everything except touch them to encourage guests to smile. The last person who is not smiling wins!

Birthday Entertainment for Adults

Birthday Services - Birthday Bottle ServiceIf you’re more interested in acting adult game, prepare pencils, slips of paper and a hat. Then give every guest several slips and ask them to write down something they’d like others to perform. After that collect papers in your hat, shuffle them, place the hat on a table. Take a bottle of wine and a glass and place it next to the hat. Guests should first take a sip, pull a slip and perform it. As a host, you can write a couple of tasks that guests should perform together. This game is great to bring everyone closer together.

Birthday Services

At the end of the day, it’s your birthday, so make yourself comfortable and choose the way that suits yourself best. Birthday Bottle Service will work with you to ensure that your Birthday party will be a memorable event.


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