Have a Blast at the Best Summer Bars NYC Has Available

Bounce Sporting Club

05 Jun Have a Blast at the Best Summer Bars NYC Has Available

Do you plan on traveling to New York City in the next few weeks? Whether you are staying for a few days, weeks or even for the rest of the summer, you might want to learn more about some of the best summer bars NYC has to offer its residents and tourists. Check out the list below to find out more details on a few of the best hangouts in the city.

150 Lafayette

Have you always been interested in checking out a boutique-style bar? If so, this is the place to visit. As soon as you step inside, you will notice the dim lights and oriental decor that covers the walls. The ambiance is relaxing, cool and cozy so you can enjoy a few drinks with friends while sitting on one of the comfortable couches or leather chairs.

The drinks are quite affordable considering the exact location. The highest you may end up spending for a drink is about $12, which is considerably less than some of the more extravagant places. There are a lot of select bottles available at this hot spot, including Absolut and Patron.

If you are going to stop by, make sure to dress your best. Avoid the casual attire and stick with something that is a bit fancier. There is no cover charge, so get in for free and enjoy listening to the hip hop and house music that gets played throughout the night.


Do you prefer sitting outdoors while drinking some of your favorite alcoholic beverages? If so, check out this rooftop-style bar where you can get the best view of the city’s skyline. Take a look at the impressive drink menu. Many affordable selections are available, and the most you may end up paying per drink is around $15.

Hang out indoors or outdoors, enjoy the scenery and have a good time with friends. Some of the most popular songs on the radio are played during the night, so you can have fun dancing or even rocking out to the hits. Some of the bottles available include Grey Goose and Ketel One.

Bounce Sporting Club

Bounce Sporting ClubWant to watch some of the latest sporting events on television while having a few drinks? This may be just the spot for you to visit. The spot features flat screen televisions all over the place. No matter where you turn, you will still have the best view of whatever event is playing at that specific moment.

There are leather booths available for you to sit on and wood tables for dining and hanging out. Make sure to dress nicely if you are going to hang out here because it is considered one of the many upscale bars in the area. The sporting club does not close until early in the morning, so you have plenty of time to just have fun.

Gansevoort Park

If you are looking to find a large bar in the New York City area, this is the perfect choice. Not only are there several miniature bars located inside of the property, this is also one spot where many celebrities come to hang out. You never know who you will end up meeting while you are there.

The DJs always play the hottest tracks and there is never a dull moment. There are tons of dance floor areas where you can hang out if you want to show off some of your dancing skills and have a genuinely good time with others. And, there is even a rooftop pool to hang out in if you feel like getting soaked at some point.

The select bottle list includes many popular alcoholic beverages. Some of those beverages include Patron and Ciroc.

Sky Room Times Square

If you are going to be in the Times Square area, you definitely want to stop by the Sky Room because it is one of the best summer bars NYC has. Although it looks a lot like a lounge, the venue is outdoors so you can enjoy the good weather and the magnificent view. The city’s skyline will look even better at night after the sun goes down and the lights from the buildings shine over the neighborhood.

The atmosphere is comfortable and drinks cost about $14 or less. Several bottles are served at this bar, including Belvedere and Absolut. You do not have to worry about paying a cover fee to get into the building either.

Making Your Decision

These are some of the best summer bars NYC has available. Regardless of your preference, it will not take long for you to find the perfect one for you to hang out at while you are staying in the city for a while.

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As long as you have a reservation for a specific bar, all you have to do is come on that specific date and have a good time! Bring your friends along and enjoy plenty of flavorful drinks all night long while meeting others who live in the city or are visiting too.

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