Unique Hookah Lounges in NYC

Hookah Lounges in NYC

04 Oct Unique Hookah Lounges in NYC

If you’re down for a night out with your friends where you can enjoy some great music, amazing ambiance and most importantly, let off some steam with a session of hookah, then you’ve absolutely got to check out the following Hookah Lounges in NYC. These are some of the best hookah bars in NYC that promise a totally different atmosphere from your regular shady hookah bars that you find in small cafes.

You don’t have to have a reason to visit these Hookah places in NYC, but why not treat yourself to a unique night out for your next birthday? Better still, if you’re looking for a place to chill with your date, and want some private space where both of you can better know each other, then a Hookah lounge is the best place for it. Not to mention your next job promotion or a place to celebrate your friends’ achievements, get started on your tobacco filled night with vibrant energy and lots of great company!

Hookah Lounge in NYC at Taj

TajTaj Lounge NYC is a specialized Hookah lounge is the embodiment of a modern lounge influenced with a touch of Indian accents in its interior design. You’ll never find another place like this, with its intimate dining combined with spacious lounges that are perfect for any events.

It is no wonder the Taj is one of the hottest lounges along 21st street in NYC, with people from all walks of life settling in throughout the day. You may find the environment oddly familiar and cosy, simply because it has been used for various film shoots and album releases, attesting to its popularity as a famous nightlife spot.

With over 4,000 square feet and boasting of two levels, you will find yourself immersed in its seductive lighting and cosy lounge seats infused with East Asian vibes as you smoke your favourite flavour of Hookah on a chill Friday night. The kitchen stays open until 2am while the dance floor closes at 4am so you can have your fill of both fun and relaxation for the entire night at one of the best hookah bars in NYC!

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Katra Lounge: Your Ideal Destination for The Best Hookah Bar In NYC

katra loungeNothing spells “Hookah” more clearly than the Moroccan and Middle Eastern culture at Katra Lounge. If you enjoy a mix of both eastern and western cultures, then Katra Lounge is the place to be for your next big event!

Here, the combination of Hookah with exquisite French cuisine has resulted in one of the most sought after Hookah lounges in NYC. With its spacious double levelled stories, inclusive of a number of couches, cabins and even a VIP lounge, there is definitely a place for everyone this weekend.

The luxurious furniture and sleek designs are nothing but inviting for the usual nightlife and Hookah lover, with crowds of all ages hanging around. With enough space on the dance floor to keep you partying till late in the night, rest assured that your night activities are covered after your Hookah session. Wait for no further and hit one of the most exquisite Hookah lounges in NYC today, you will not regret it!

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