House Music Clubs NYC – Top Venues to Choose From

10 Jan House Music Clubs NYC – Top Venues to Choose From

Crazy about house music? Forget about the long search for the finest house music clubs NYC offers. This list features some of the top-notch clubs and bars where you can feed your senses with outstanding house music that will add some spice to your life. So, take a look at these great places to drink, party, and get your blood pumping to the beat of house music all night long!

1. Cellar Bar

In New York City, the Cellar Bar ranks as one of the top-rated places to visit when you are a huge house music fan. This is the place where you can just relax, unwind and spend quality time with friends who are into house music just like you. Among the great features this bar has to offer include the following:

  • Chic interior design
  • Great mix of sounds, particularly house music
  • Wide selection of menu for light snacks and drinks

The Cellar Bar features a sophisticated decoration from the inside and out. Here, you can find tapioca-colored loveseats, white tiles on the walls, and high ceiling that make the bar appear larger than it is. The DJs also play their fabulous mixes of music, and there are unique drinks carefully mixed and prepared for all guests.


2. Gansevoort Park Rooftop

Experience one of the finest and most talked about house music club in the metro. Gansevoort Park Rooftop is a famous rooftop lounge in NYC that is built with three levels, as well as multiple bars in one place. What’s more, the lounge covers an area of 20,000 square feet, which is wide enough to accommodate hundreds of guests.

For a sneak peek on what to expect at this lounge, here are some features it offers:

  • Frequented by A-listers
  • Has numerous open-air terraces and pool
  • Panoramic views of the city and the Empire State Building
  • DJs play party music all night
  • Sophisticated interiors

If you happen to drop by on weekends, you can expect to party and rock along with the other guests until early hours of the morning. What’s more, when the temperature hits low, guests can check out the glassed-in covered area where they can stay warm while enjoying their drinks at lounges.

3. Cielo

A popular NYC house music nightclub, Cielo is the place to be when you want to wine and party to the beat of lively music all night. In fact, Cielo is an epic club in the city, which is situated in the Meat Packing District. Some of the things that make this club quite famous include the following:

  • Stunning and chic decor
  • Professional DJs spinning their top-notch house music mixes
  • Outstanding customer service
  • Great choices of drinks

This award-winning nightclub in NYC is definitely at the top of most people’s choices for the best places to go for house music. So, be sure to book a reservation for you and your friends, so you can have a great night of partying at NYC’s top-rated bars!

4. Ava Lounge

Found at Dream Hotel’s penthouse, Ava Lounge is a must-see chic lounge in New York. At first glance, it may remind you of a cross between an ultra-posh grand hotel or a mansion of your elite friend. As for the decor, it features a unique Roman and Riviera interior design with a hint of South Beach.

For those who are wondering what to expect from this lounge, here are just some of the top features you can find:

  • Contemporary and elegant design
  • Relaxed vibe
  • Signature cocktails to choose from
  • Panoramic views of the lovely Hudson River and bustling Times Square

You will certainly be amazed by the astounding views, great music and overall atmosphere at the Ava Lounge. Thus, be sure to book your reservations ahead of time to secure a spot for your and your friends at this posh lounge in NYC.

5. Le Reve Lounge NYC

Want to unwind and party to the beat of house music for hours? If so, then the Le Reve Lounge here in NYC is just what you have been looking for. This fancy restaurant and lounge under one roof is a top-of-the-line in the city. Some of its best features are the following:

  • Mediterranean theme
  • Wide choices of menu for drinks and light fare snacks
  • Transforms into a hookah lounge once nightfall comes
  • Plenty of cocktails and beer to choose from

When you are up for stylish partying, then Le Reve Lounge is the best place to be. This is certainly the place to be for a party and bonding time with friends with house music playing behind the scene.

6. Empire Hotel Rooftop

Situated on NYC’s Empire Hotel, the rooftop lounge is indeed one of the finest. With its excellent location on the 12th floor, this gives guests an unobstructed view of Broadway, Lincoln Center, and the Upper West Side of Manhattan. However, aside from the amazing views of the city, there is more to the Empire Hotel Rooftop that makes it worth visiting. Just some of its superb features include:

  • Upscale vibe
  • Relaxed atmosphere
  • Outdoor and indoor patio
  • Fine selection of menu
  • House music played by professional DJs

For the ultimate place for a house music party, then the Empire Rooftop Hotel is indeed the perfect lounge for you to be.

7. Attic Rooftop

Rounding up this list of NYC’s house music nightclub is the Attic Rooftop. It is a stunning lounge with a beautiful terrace that offers gorgeous views of Manhattan’s 48th and 8th avenues. It also brings you to 16 floors located high up the city, and it also takes you into Hells Kitchen’s prestigious Miami-looking ambience.

Some of the fine features to expect from the Attic Rooftop are the following:

  • Modern decors and LED lights at various parts of the lounge
  • Drinks and food menu are extensive
  • DJs spin house music until 4 in the morning
  • Spacious seating areas

For a memorable night with friends, be sure to reserve a table at the Attic Rooftop Lounge ahead of time. This way, you can skip the stress and hassles of getting a seat while making the most of your time for a great party.

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