How to Make a DIY Hangover Survival Kit

DIY Hangover Survival Kit

05 Dec How to Make a DIY Hangover Survival Kit

When you’re in the middle of a fantastic party, the morning-after hangover is probably the farthest thing from your mind. With drinks flowing, good music pumping, and fun times with great friends, of course you’ll be zeroed in on the action. If you want to enjoy your night out but still avoid a hangover, that’s where a DIY hangover survival kit comes in handy.

How to Make a DIY Hangover Survival Kit

A DIY hangover survival kit is a portable, easy-to-carry kit that you can bring with you on a night on the town. This kit ideally contains everything you need to prevent a hangover, but also contains a few items to help you survive the next morning. Even better, you probably have most of these items around your house!

A DIY hangover survival kit could come in handy for not just you, but that friend of yours who drank a little too much too early into the night.

DIY Hangover Survival KitChoose Your Bag

As long as the bag is large enough, you can technically choose any type of bag you want. Most DIY hangover kits are small and can fit into a purse, makeup bag, carrying case, or backpack with ease.

Whatever you choose, you’ll want to make it easy to grab so that you aren’t rummaging around your bag looking for that bottle of medicine that you need.

Choose Your Liquid

As you’ve no doubt heard, staying hydrated is the best way to prevent a hangover. Although water does a great job on its own, you’re losing nutrients throughout the night that can worsen the symptoms of a hangover.

To replenish these nutrients, make sure to have a sports drink at hand. Sports drinks contain electrolytes that can improve your chances of avoiding a hangover. Tomato juice is another common drink in a DIY hangover kit. Coconut water is another fantastic option that will rehydrate you quickly.

Grab Some Pain Medications

DIY Hangover Survival Kit…but not medications that contain acetaminophen (like Tylenol), as this family of drugs negatively interacts with alcohol in your system.

Include a bottle of ibuprofen or aspirin in your kit. If you’ve moved the pills from a larger bottle into a smaller one, be sure to include (or remember) the instructions for how many to take and at what intervals.

Pack Some Snacks

Another way to keep a hangover at bay is to eat. If you’re going to be between meals, or if the place you’re partying doesn’t have food available, pack some snacks!

High-protein snacks are ideal, especially choices like trail mix which contain protein and sugar from the nuts and chocolate.

Hygiene First

Let’s face it: partying can get a little rowdy at times. Pack some hand sanitizer or wet wipes for unexpected accidents, whether it’s a spilled drink or something else. In any case, wet wipes and hand sanitizer are small and don’t take up much room – and you’ll be glad to have them if you need them!

Other Considerations

Only you know all the potential items you may need for a wild night out on the town. We’ve listed the DIY hangover kit essentials, but there are plenty of other options you can include in your kit depending on what you need and how much space you have.

DIY Hangover Survival KitOther DIY hangover kit options include:

  • Hair ties
  • Sick bag
  • Antacids
  • Mouthwash
  • Peppermint gum (great for nausea!)

Now that you know how to pack a DIY hangover survival kit, you’ll never be unprepared for whatever a night out might bring!

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