How to Throw a Killer Fundraising Party

How to Throw a Killer Fundraising Party - Birthday Bottle Service

27 Jan How to Throw a Killer Fundraising Party

There are plenty of ways to raise funds for your nonprofit. Hosting a walk or run, bake sales, hosting a street carnival, sporting events, or organize gift wrapping for shoppers during the holidays are just a few of the many ways to garner support for your cause.

Hosting a fundraising party is another way to raise money for your organization’s cause. Parties are How to Throw a Killer Fundraising Party - Birthday Bottle Serviceperfect at any time of year and appeal to people of all ages and activity levels, unlike sporting or other active events.

A successful party is more than just putting out food and drinks and hoping that everyone gets along. Knowing how to throw a killer fundraiser party will ensure that your organization is able to raise the donations it needs to continue its mission!

How to Throw a Killer Fundraising Party

Your organization was founded because your founders saw a need, and you continue to work towards solving that need today. Your donors believe in this need, too. Potential donors may not quite be convinced about why it’s important, so it’s important to convince them of your cause.

What does this mean for you? It means you need to have a solid strategy in mind before you buy the first party streamer. This strategy is your blueprint.

Plan, Plan, Plan
Even the most recognized non-profits reiterate their mission in almost all of their public communications. You will want to remind long-time donors that you’re continuing to carry on your organization’s work and inform potential donors of the good their donations can do.

A strong plan will reflect not just in the number of donations at the end of the night. A great fundraising party can achieve multiple goals in an effortless, seamless way. You can raise awareness for your cause, garner publicity, and potentially create new network links.

Your plan should also include a carefully considered audience. Will this be a public or a private affair? Will you be reaching out to longtime friends or people who have never met? A strong audience will strengthen your party – not just in donations, but for the social and fun dynamic too!

Lastly, your plan needs to include everything from decorations, catering, entertainment, invitations and advertisements to follow up thank you notes.


How to Throw a Killer Fundraising Party - Birthday Bottle ServiceBirthday Bottle Service

Will Help Plan

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Recruit a Strong Leadership Committee
The backbone of your fundraising party is your leadership committee. These are the people who will get things done; the people who will encounter problems on party night and think creatively to solve them.

Your committee will also be the people who will set your party apart from an event. What’s the difference? At a fundraising event, guests are pretty much left to fend for themselves for socialization and entertainment. At a party, guests receive individualized attention and care.

Your committee needs to greet every guest that arrives, ensure that they know where food, drink, and entertainment are, and actively introduce guests to each other so that everyone can be comfortable and have a great time. Your fundraising party is not just to raise donations, but to celebrate your donors too!

Environment Matters!
How to Throw a Killer Fundraising Party - Birthday Bottle Service
We’re not just talking about the ambiance and location when it comes to environment, although these are very important. After all, a room that’s too small might make your guests feel claustrophobic and uncomfortable, while a room that’s too large can allow the room’s energy to dissipate into the air.

The energy you and your committee put into the room is just as important as the size of the room. Guests will sense sincerity just as easily as they can detect insincerity. In order to cultivate a solid relationship with your donors, you need to make sure that everyone on your committee is enthusiastic, sincere, and dedicated to having a fun night.

After the Party
Throwing a killer fundraising party takes some work, but you have a great opportunity to raise awareness for your cause, welcome new donors and appreciate longtime donors, making this special event worthwhile at any time of the year.

You’ll want to be sure to personally thank every donor not just the night of the party, but afterwards too. This can be a thank you note, a phone call, or both! You want to remind your guests that their time and donations are greatly appreciated.

Tips for a Successful Fundraising Party

  • Don’t schedule a dull and over-long program; this will destroy any excitement and make people more likely to leave early.
  • If you have a speaker, make sure that their speeches are brief but sincere.
  • Make sure that your party isn’t too short – or too long, for that matter!
  • Always offer plenty of food and drink, and be sure to include vegetarian, vegan, and gluten free options.

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