How to Throw the Perfect Divorce Party

divorce party

08 Aug How to Throw the Perfect Divorce Party

Divorce is a subject needlessly steeped in negative connotations. As comedian Louis CK has said: ‘If two people married, and they had a great thing and then they just got divorced, that would be really sad. But, that has happened zero times.’ So, why not have a good time with it? Here are a few ideas for throwing the perfect Divorce Party.

Help Your Friend Feel Like Royalty

divorce party

There are so many emotions wrapped up in divorce that your friend is no doubt somewhat bummed, scared, and relieved all at the same time. As your friend’s bestie, it’s your job to make sure your friend can take her mind off of things for a little while. It’s important to make sure she feels like royalty! The purpose of this party is to get her feeling as good as possible about what the future holds.

If bachelorette parties celebrate the last day of single life, then a divorce party celebrates the first day of a return to single life. Head to your local party store and score a crown and other fun accessories to help get your friend feeling special.

Assemble the Perfect Playlist

No party is complete without music, and the best parties always feature the ‘right’ music for the event. From Beyonce’s “Single Ladies,’ to Green Day’s “Boulevard of Broken Dreams,’ to ‘Walking on Broken Glass’ and ‘Girls just Wanna Have Fun,’ this is a great opportunity for the tongue-in-cheek playlist of dreams, not nightmares.

Themed Cocktails and Glassware

If you’re going to throw a Divorce Party complete with cocktails, you need to all the way.  Might as well get as cheeky as  you wanna’ be with the names of these drinks, right? How about engraving the glasses with ‘Take a Shot, I untied the Knot?’ And, of course the classic cocktail entitled “A.M.F’ absolutely has to make an appearance on the menu. Ask your bartender – they’ll know what you mean!

Divorce Cakes

divorce partyEveryone loves cake. We all know the classic bride and groom wedding cake. Why not have one made with the bride giving the groom the heave ho into an icing cushioned demise? How about lettering that says “I Don’t?’ Even a simple cake can be a rewarding treat for everyone.

Whatever you decide, be creative! The options are only as limited as your wicked mind allows them to be.

Shower Your Newly Single Friend With Gifts

Weather it’s practical, humorous, or whimsical, gifts are a necessity at a Divorce Party. Grab a tasty bottle of wine, that new Blu-Ray or even a subscription to the Cheese of the Month club, just don’t come empty handed. Shower your friend with gifts to help cheer them up and remind them that they’re awesome and loved.

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