Date Night With Your Best Friend In NYC

date night with your best friend in nyc

24 May Date Night With Your Best Friend In NYC

When it comes to going out with our best friends, good brunches, spa afternoons, and trips to the park spring to mind. But sometimes, it’s good to change up your routine and try something new. There’s something special about activities between friends which create memories to share for years to come. Here are some ideas for date night with your best friend in NYC. Whether this is a one-off adventure or the beginning of a new tradition, you and your friends will have a great time.

Proper West

Proper West NYCProper West creates a unique fusion between a sports bar atmosphere and classy interior, complete with flat screen televisions. Founded by Will Strozer, the bar describes itself as an upscale sports lounge. You can enjoy some traditional American dishes, but Proper West adds a spin on classic dishes; you will find dishes like Ahi tuna burger with sprouts and grilled chicken with quinoa salad on the list.

The spacious room is put together in an eye-catching way. You’ll see large flower arrangements, black and white photographs, long leather coaches wrapped around seating, and patterned wallpapers which create a combination that is uncommon for sport bars.

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Visana Lounge

visana lounge nycVisana Lounge is New York’s hottest speakeasy, which is tucked away behind a hidden door. You may feel lost when you arrive at the address and find a pizzeria, but don’t panic – this exclusive, health conscious venue is behind a secret door in the back. Visana is an intimate cocktails bar and lounge that focus on the best hospitality and healthier imbibing.

The name speaks for itself: Visana is named after the Italian words that mean ‘healthy life’. The lounge has a signature cocktail menu with the main focus on fresh ingredients, organic liquors, and homemade juice. They even have a detox hour, and provide guests with fresh coconuts with straws.

The design of this lounge is also pretty unique: RGB wallpapers change their images and lightning to match the music beat. You and your bestie can expect great music, trend setting socialites, and fun and vibrant atmosphere at Visana. Everyone looking for tasty craft cocktails and bottle services should definitely give this venue a try.

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Riff Raffs

Riff Raffs NYCLocated between Madison and Park, Riff Raffs is an exclusive lounge and nightclub that boasts high pitched ceilings completely by handmade tapestries. Unique furniture, custom banquettes, hardware, and lighting make the venue a beautiful place at any time of day. Whether you’re going to have dinner with your bestie or want to go out for the whole night together, Riff Raffs always pleases the eye.

The music is reminiscent of a spring beach party. DJs play tunes by Kanye West, Chromeo, and Paul Simon. You can expect a mix of pop and rock, dance, hip-hop, and house. The music is different every night because the music is ‘open format’, meaning DJs can use whatever they’ve got in their stash. Table services include novelties like mango juice and a bubbling punch fountain. There are also pink flamingo cups, face paint, and a tropical atmosphere.

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date night with your best friend in nycDate Night With Your Best Friends in NYC

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