Intimate Boston Clubs for First Dates

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25 Jul Intimate Boston Clubs for First Dates

So, you met somebody very special at a party or through friends, and now it’s time to pick up your phone and suggest plans for Friday night. But what to do? First, don’t panic. Take a deep breath and check out these intimate first date bars in Boston.


first date bars bostonGuilt is a 5,000 sq. ft venue luxuriously decorated in gold and maroon. The result is an atmosphere that is perfect for a first date. Guilt’s intimate seating areas, raised stage, multiple bars, and small dance floor work together to create the right mood for your romantic evening.

Party veterans of the Boston area may remember that Guilt occupies the former space of one of the longest running clubs in the city, JukeBox.

Both sultry and luxurious, Guilt has numerous VIP sections and a state-of-art lighting and sound system. Friday nights bring famous DJs to the party, and numerous events are held throughout the year. For a first date, you might be interested in the private invitation-only nights to avoid a noisy crowd.

Even on normal nights there isn’t a special event, you’ll be treated to a light show which uses different reflective surfaces and glass prisms. The Guilt’s capacity is 400, which means that weekends are usually busy. There is also a dress code: casual-chic is fine, but athletic clothing, work boots and hats are not. If all this sound like a dream venue for your first date, that’s because it really is – at least for those who want to feel like celebrities, even if only for one night.

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first date bars bostonIf you want to take your date to an iconic club, choose Royale. This is a mega club that combines modern elegance with classical beauty and creates a unique first date experience. The beautiful balcony and grand staircase bring stylish elements to a club scene that is usually dark and less focused on style.

Royale features two rooms, multiple VIP seating areas, and several bars. Upon entering the venue, you will see knights in armor and the theater-like space that is the main room. If you look up, you’ll see a balcony surrounding the whole area which is a perfect viewing spot. If you go upstairs, you’ll find intimate setting with VIP areas.

The crowd dances all night long while the friendly staff accommodates all your night-out needs. They aim to make your first date at Royale the best one of your life.

Royale is more than just a regular club – they also have fantastic concerts and bring the best talents from all over the world to showcase their skills. You can even go for stand-up comedy on Thursdays.

And when you get used to the enormity of the inside and the stellar DJs, you’ll notice gorgeous decor and stylish lighting schemes. From the very moment you walk through the doors, you’ll feel like you’re in a palace. Royale delivers the ultimate first date experience in Boston.

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