Nonprofits can rock their Fundraising Event with these Ideas

20 Apr Nonprofits can rock their Fundraising Event with these Ideas

Quite often, individuals and organizations need unique fundraising events to get through a campaign. However, monotonous and boring fundraising is bad for volunteers and donors. They get tired of the same activities and events and move on. Don’t let that happen to your fundraising event: come up with some unique themes. Or you can simply use these fundraising ideas that are sure to rally donors to raise money for charity and spice up your efforts.

Unique Fundraising Events

Pay to Work

Many people feel like getting involved in your non-profit organization more than simply donate money and are ready to roll up the sleeves and do something useful. If it’s possible and makes sense for your company, organize a “pay to unique fundraising events - Birthday Bottle Servicework” fundraising event that combines both volunteerism and fundraising.

The main idea of the event is to make a donation and get a position as a part of your activity. For example, announce that you’re going to paint a school. Find volunteers who are ready to pay in order to be a part of the team. Be creative, you can create special titles like “foreman for the event” for those, who donated the biggest sum.

A Resume Writing Workshop

Resume writing workshop will not only help you to raise money but also help business owners and under-employed in your area. You can host the event in any location with sufficient tables, chairs, and a blackboard. The best scenario would be to get enough computers and high-speed internet access so people can use free resume templates and examples. However, they can work on paper and submit resumes to the host.

Then you can give advice on how to improve a resume, correct some errors and ask questions that interviewers usually ask. You can contact a community college or a local library if you can use their room and property for your fundraising activity. If you know any professional writer or career professional, invite them to the event. They will get publicity and reach new clients while you will raise money. Basically, it’s a win-win situation for everyone involved.

To raise additional funds, you can charge a resume review or writing fee, sell beverages and snacks or cater a lunch.

The day of fitness

This idea is geared toward community health and can be customized for any non-profit organization including churches and schools. The main theme is to get communities together for fun and healthy outdoor activities.

All of the decorations, products, and entertainment should be designed to motivate a healthier lifestyle. If the weather is great, outdoor venue is a perfect choice. Consider parks, lakes, beaches, rivers or areas with sufficient space for all. If the weather is unpredictable, it’s better to hold the event indoors. A large auditorium or a hall will be fine.

To get funds you can have t-shirts and cover the cost of them by getting sponsors. In return, they will have their names on the backs of these shirts. Besides, refreshments are also great for this type of fundraising events: ask local unique fundraising events - Birthday Bottle Servicestores to supply food as a way to advertise their services. Local farmers can also send their products and chefs will demonstrate how to prepare healthy meals. Or you can have a picnic where everybody brings some taste, healthy snacks.

Bring water, sports beverages, and fruit drinks as refreshment. Make sure you have enough ice to keep everything cold throughout the event. Besides, think of some fun activities like dance marathons and challenges for every age and fitness level.

Donate to win

The latest trend is to make a donation and get a chance to win something. It has proved to be a great method of giving your non-profit organization a quick boost since many people want something in return for their kindness.

For example, businesses can donate to get a chance for some PR. Besides, you don’t have to give iPhones and cars as people love unique prizes that relate to your mission. For example, if you’re focusing on film restoration, give away a home-theater package. Come up with some interesting things people will want to win and they will open their wallets.

Exchange skills for donations

Another great way to give your fundraising event a lift involves understanding the skills of your supporters. Non-profit organizations usually ask for money, but how often they need skills of donators? In fact, many people are ready to share their knowledge to make the world a better place and more likely to participate in this kind of event.

Start by asking people on social media if they have skills that they may like to contribute to your non-profit company. Maybe somebody knows how to build websites, or sculptures or own a successful business. Then think how to use these skills to raise money. It can be a ruffle, where people donate to win supporters contribution or an event where skills are auctioned off. You will raise money and people will feel connected to your organization.

Give a try to one of these ideas. Assemble a team and see what you can come up with. The point is to make people passionate about your event. Once you make people excited, they will support your ideas and events.

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