How to Organize a Surprise Party for a Friend

26 Apr How to Organize a Surprise Party for a Friend

Throwing a surprise party can be a challenging task: you have to pick up supplies, organize guests, hide the gifts and keep it all a secret. So, when the time comes, you want to perform something more interesting than simply saying “Surprise”. Of course, any party is fun, but there are a few things that you need to plan for a great surprise. The following tips will give your party the “Wow!” factor it deserves and helps you to plan a Surprise birthday party for a friend that guests will remember.

surprise birthday party for a friend - Birthday Bottle ServicePlanning a Surprise Birthday Party For a Friend

First of all, think about what kind of personality the person has. Don’t worry about the execution of your plan; just let your imagination flow and come up with some ideas. For example, does the person have hobbies? Would it be possible to make a Surprise party for one of them? Besides, keep in mind the likes and dislikes and pack the party with everything your friend likes. Don’t forget about the personality: if the person is very shy, a Surprise party with hundreds of people isn’t a good idea. The last but not least is timing, try to pick a time when your friend will be baffled and then have enough time for a party. After that, you can start considering ideas below.

The Treasure Hunt Surprise Party

This party is made of lots of little clues that your friend should find – a treasure hunt starts now! Treasures are gifts or guests who wish the person with warm greetings. The party can begin with a clue left by the bed or written in the paper, or tapped on the mirror, basically at any place which can be seen easily. The clues should be relevant to your friend: use jokes or bring some good old memories. Each clue should lead to a different place; either in a house or around the neighborhood, and in every place should be one more clue leading to the next destination. You can lead your friend to parks, stores, restaurants or sentimental places. Through the hunt, bring up memories and lead your friend to the big Surprise.

Double Surprise

A great way to surprise your friend is having a double or triple surprise. For instance, if the person has good friends in another country, they can come to the party. They can also be buddies from high school, kindergarten, clubs s/he attends. At the party, keep surprises in different rooms. After the first one, once everybody calms down a bit, have friends out of another room for a double surprise.

The Surprise can be double, triple, quintuple…Let’s say you decide to have a party at a resort or a hotel room and you rent the car to drive your friend to the hotel where you and your guests have dinner, swim in the pool, etc. So, there are two Surprises now: the hotel and the car. When guests settle down, somebody knocks the door. This is where the double Surprise starts to triple. It could be old friends, a celebrity or a delivery person. Every hour somebody knocks the door and Surprise everyone. Each person can bring a little surprise for the friend.

surprise birthday party for a friend - Birthday Bottle ServiceIt’s just an example how to get it started, you don’t have to rent cars or hotel rooms, it can happen in your house and people will knock on your door.

Twisted Surprise Party

The twisted Surprise party is always a great trick. Make your friend think that you’re hosting a party for somebody else, somebody familiar to a real Surprise. Invite the friend to that fake party. Tell others that they should act as if the party is for somebody else. Then, inform your friend the time and place of the party. Or, you can have the Surprise to come with others and guests fake as if they’re waiting for the fake Surprise. Convince your friend to hide in another room and then others pop into that room for a real Surprise!

“Your Life” Surprise Party

A cool idea is to create a memory box and fill it with memory cards. Let people write all kinds of memories they have about the Surprise on the cards. You can make the task easier by writing some leading questions, for example, “I always feel happy when I remember the time…” or “When I first met him/her, we…”.Take a box and cut a slit so people can put in their cards. The Surprise can either read them after the party or during the event. Later the memory cards can be clued into a special book.

Another way to share memories is to have guests tell a story about the friend. You can ask each guest before the party to send you a story about the Surprise, print the stories and put them on a big board for other to see and read.

It’s always fun to have small surprises during the party. Whether you choose a surprise party for your friend, the main factors of success are fun, coordination, and secrecy. With a little planning and white lies, the Surprise can be kept in the dark. Consider things he/she will love, invite friends and give the Surprise, the guest of honor will always remember.

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