Party Themes For Adults

23 Mar Party Themes For Adults

Having a theme for your birthday party is always a great idea. If you’re looking for something different, planning to impress friends by having a memorable day, how about having a special theme? Many grown-ups are fans of these parties, so, here are the best birthday theme party ideas for adults that you and your guests will love.

Party Themes for Adults

Toga Party

Toga party has proven to be a favorite theme among the guests. There are the endless amounts of variations, from crazy antics to classical Greek style parties. Make unique invitations, coordinate decorations and games and throw a fun toga party.

Set the right mood right from the beginning: make creative invitations! Take a page and turn it into an ancient scroll, tied with a ribbon. After that, turn your venue into ancient Rome or Greece. Buy gold or white streamers and balloons, get gold spray and paint on items that you can get from a thrift shop. Top off the feel with some gold and white candles and oil-burning lamps.

Make the night complete choosing the right food and drinks. Toga party is a perfect place to serve fruits, hummus Party Themes For Adults - Birthday Bottle Serviceand pita bread, olives and feta cheese. Drinks are easy: serve wine and beer to honor Greeks.

Don’t forget to make a costume contest! Let your guest choose winners and prepare prizes for them. You can designate different categories, such as “best costume” or “most authentic”. The only rule of the party is your guests have fun and wear togas.

Like Totally Eighties Party

The Eighties was a unique era of time. It was full of bright colors, crazy hairstyles, and extreme fashion. And don’t forget about music. To throw an awesome 80’s party, you need to put together a playlist of hits from famous icons of the decade!

The next part is choosing the costume. Spandex, sunglasses, high tops, ponytails, fingerless gloves, shoulder pads…There are so many things that scream the 80’s. To encourage your guests to have an 80’s inspired look, offer some prizes for biggest hair or funkiest outfit. For prizes consider 80’s movie DVD’s or a Twister game. Have some nostalgic contest, like Air-guitar championship or Moon-walking contest. Let you guests show-off their 80’s skills!

An Asian Themed Party

Asian décor is a rising trend that can be a great birthday party idea. Take your guest on a journey to Tokyo, Seoul or Shanghai and beyond with the awesome party!

Create unique invitations: make them look like a teabag, insert cocktail umbrella into it. Or print invitations on a long slip of paper, put them into fortune cookies and mail in small boxes.

The second step is to decorate your home in an Asian way. Create temples using cardboard and paint them gold and red. Buy Lantern flowers, that you can find in a craft store, and fill vases with them. Bonsai trees and hand fans will add a feeling of Asia. Paper lanterns instead of standard lightning make the décor complete.

The menu is one of the tastiest yet easiest things to do for and Asian-style birthday party. You can simply go to your Party Themes For Adults - Birthday Bottle Servicefavorite Asian restaurant and use takeout menus. Serve food from bamboo trays; make sake a signature drink of your party. Honey cakes will complete your menu.

Simple origami animals can be a great take-home favor. Learn how to make origami birds and teach your guests! Find how to write hieroglyphs for “Love” or “Happiness” and see how well your guests can duplicate them. You can give little prizes, like hand fans or Japanese girls, to those who did the best job.

Black and White Party

Keep things classy and monochrome with a black and white themed birthday party. Have a lot of black and white decorations: balloons, bouquets, candles, white napkins, black table cloth…You can also consider adding silver color for an elegant effect.

Make the food match the theme. Have white tortilla chips as an appetizer, then blackened chicken for the main course and black and white cookies or cake for dessert.

Adults enjoy theme parties as much as kids and it’s always nice to have fun with guests. Use your imagination to throw a birthday party that nobody will forget.


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