Planning a Halloween Party for Adults

Planning a Halloween Party for Adults

26 Sep Planning a Halloween Party for Adults

Although it seems like January just wrapped up, October is already here. For most of us, that means that leaves are changing and the weather is finally perfect for hot cocoa, scarves, and coats. Halloween is a big tradition for many households, but what’s a person without kids to do when they want to celebrate this holiday? Planning a Halloween party for adults is considerably different than planning one for kids. We’ll be offering some helpful tips for you to plan your perfect spooky party.

Planning a Halloween Party for Adults

Throwing a successful party involves far more than inviting friends over. Add to that the traditionally kid-oriented holiday of Halloween, and planning a themed party for adults becomes far more in-depth. Never fear – just a few steps will have your party on the right track to becoming a night to remember years to come.


Planning a Halloween Party for Adults

An essential part of any party, send out your invites now so that your friends can keep their calendar clear for your event.


At this time of year, your local dollar shop will have Halloween-inspired plates, napkins, decoration, and more so you can decorate your home with an affordable, one-stop shop.

Themed Food


A completely optional step, creating some spooky, themed food can add a fun touch to any party. Chances are, one of your friends may be interested in creating some custom food for the event.


While cocktail mixers, beer, and wine are a must for an adult Halloween party, it’s important to remember to offer water, juice, and other non-alcoholic options to help your guests stave off hangovers.

Punch Bowl

Depending on who you ask, a punch bowl is a completely separate category from the other drinks at a Halloween party. This bowl is usually filled with a fun, flavorful cocktail that partygoers can enjoy throughout the night.


Planning a Halloween Party for AdultsCandy is a Halloween must no matter your age! Set out candy bowls throughout your house, or just one large one so your guests can indulge at their leisure.


Pumpkins, gourds, spiderwebs, and ghosts are all par for the course, so get as creative as you want! Dry ice is easy to get from your local store and adds a spooky ambiance to any party.


No Halloween party is complete without costumes. If you and your friends are up to the challenge, then you can easily host a costume contest at the end. Be sure to offer prizes for the winners to encourage everyone to get involved.

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For people with busy schedules, planning a party can take up a considerable amount of time. If you’re wanting to have a Halloween party but don’t have the time to make the plans, then call Birthday Bottle Service. All you’ll need to do is tell our party planning specialists what you’re looking for, and we’ll coordinate with the venue to ensure that your party goes off without a hitch. It’s so easy, it’s spooky!

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