Where to Host a Private Birthday Event in NYC

Private party venues in NYC

18 Oct Where to Host a Private Birthday Event in NYC

Good friends aren’t easy to come by and great friends aren’t easy to keep. That’s why having a small birthday party in NYC with a few of your closest friends is the very best thing you can do for your friendships on your next birthday! Not only is a small party going to be lit, but because the closest people around you are celebrating in private party venues in NYC, you can expect the party to be amazing!

Birthday Celebrations at Hudson Terrace

Private party venues in NYCOne of our most exclusive private party venues in NYC, Hudson Terrace is NYC’s premier Multi-Room Waterfront event space with a retractable rooftop and Nightclub altogether. If you’re looking for rooftop party venues in NYC, then look no further than Hudson Terrace. This place is ideal for a small get-together party and is excellent if you’re into drinking and catching up with your close friends while enjoying live music with a beautiful view of the Hudson River.

That’s not all! As your night progresses, you can then proceed down to the Bi-Level night club where their resident DJ spins some amazing hip hop music till late in the night. Get crazy with your group of friends on the dance floor or simply relax by the cabins and soak the lively atmosphere that the Hudson Terrace presents. You will be raving about Hudson Terrace as one of the best private party venues in NYC!

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Party in Style at Sky Room Times Square

Sky RoomPrivate party venues in NYC didn’t get its name by chance. No, it’s one of New York’s finest private party venues around, with great views of the skyline accompanied by live music and amazing food for the very best of friends. Located within the Marriott Hotel on the 33rd and 34th floor, you can expect the place to be packed once the doors open. With cocktails mixed by award-winning mixologists and appetisers that are perfect for a small group, your party will be off to an amazing start even before the night begins!

When you’re done dining in the rooftop, head down to the lounge on the 33rd floor where you’ll find many well-dressed individuals chilling to the great music and very friendly vibe. Sit with your friends and soak up the atmosphere as you enjoy the beautiful view and play your drinking games. Do remember to book your private party venue in NYC from Birthday Bottle Service as the Sky Room does get packed extremely fast every day.

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Book Your Private Party Venues in NYC with Birthday Bottle Service

Here at Birthday Bottle Service, we understand that finding party venues in Manhattan and oorganizingthe nitty gritty details can be a hassle for busy young professionals. We’re glad to take that problem away from you, especially if you’re unsure about the best small party venues in NYC.

All you’ve got to do is drop us a message and we’ll arrange the best night of your life that you’ll have, starting off your birthday with a huge bang! No fearsome queues or arguing with the bouncers for a table on a packed Friday night, just plain fun and enjoyment!


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