Ring in the Summer with These Unique Lounges and Clubs in NYC 2019

14 maio Ring in the Summer with These Unique Lounges and Clubs in NYC 2019

Summer is just about to hit town and we are all ready to have one heck of a party. A summer kick-off party is a great way to meet old friends coming back from college and remembering old days while welcoming the coming ones. But when you are in New York in 2019, where are the best clubs and lounges to have a summer kick-off party? You’d probably start by looking for the places that can handle large groups and can cater to all your needs.

Where should you start? We’re glad you asked!

Ring in the Summer with These Unique Lounges and Clubs in NYC 2019


If you and your group are looking for that Parisian speakeasy feel complete with the seductive performances and delectable desserts then Doux in the Flatiron District is definitely a destination for you.

The whole place has this slow and relaxed vibe all thanks to the decor and the lighting. The Doux is great for groups that just want to meet up for drinks, high-brow food, and probably a story or two to tell right after.

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Celon Lounge

If you are thinking that a place named Bryant Park Hotel might not the best place to meet up with friends for a summer kick-off party then you might be wrong there. Nestled inside the historic hotel is a one-of-a-kind lounge/club with a totally radical Moroccan/Mediterranean inspired theme.

The place is an excellent choice for a group that has no plans whatsoever. If you want to just have a quick chat then come in early to enjoy the Moroccan lounge feel. However, if your group decides to drink the night away the lounge transforms into a Euro-style night club by 10 pm from Friday to Saturday. Expect wild and epic parties well into the sunrise.

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The Jane

If, by any chance, your group is in the hunt for a lounge with an air of the old world and the sophistication of a medieval noblewoman, then The Jane is definitely worth checking out. While it’s not unheard of people waiting for hours to get inside, entry to this ballroom is once-in-a-lifetime.

While packaging itself as a ballroom, The Jane is more of a club nowadays complete with the music choices and bouncers. When late night comes you can see guests getting off of their seats ready to dance giving you this house party feel instead of an NYC bar kind of feel.

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Up and Down

If you think your kick-off party should be full of drinking and dancing then you might want to drop by Up & Down. Lose yourself in this trendy nightspot or interact with new people. The Up & Down offers a lot of options for partygoers.

Previously known as “The Darby”, Up & Down has two contrasting rooms where you and your group can choose your own adventure. A nightclub can be found on the upper floor that presents the latest music hits and surprise performances from artists. In the bottom floor you are presented with a more “random” selection in music – and the people you get to meet.

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The Boogie Room

Hidden well beneath the unassuming Mondrian Park Avenue Hotel, The Boogie Room is slowly gaining popularity as a late-night dancing mecca. The Boogie Woogie Room can transform from an intimate venue for live acoustic performance into a setting for a wild night of dancing and partying.

Named after Piet Mondrian’s popular artwork “Boogie Woogie”, it also inherited the quirky nature of its namesake. The whole venue has an eclectic feel to it perfect for groups who want a perfectly balanced place to relax and probably have fun.

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