Where to Go for a Retro Nightclub Experience in NYC

retro club nyc

16 Aug Where to Go for a Retro Nightclub Experience in NYC

Hotel Chantelle

retro club nyc

Take ‘Throwback Thursday’ to another level by visiting Hotel Chantelle. Despite the name, this venue is not a hotel. Check in for an evening of great food, drinks, and truly unique ambiance at this retro club NYC.

Inspired by nightlife hotspots of the past, this retro venue is ideal for people who are looking for something different on their big night out. Loud music, high energy, and modern décor are the norm in most NYC nightclubs. You won’t find any futuristic, space-age décor or lighting at Hotel Chantelle. Step through the unmarked doors of this club and find yourself in 1940’s Paris.

The interior of Hotel Chantelle is resplendent with dark wood and leather accented by burnished gold. The comfortable surrounds are complimented by warm, bare-bulb lighting that evokes a different era. Forget for a moment that you’re actually in the 21st century while sipping on classic, vintage-inspired drinks.

If you’re in the mood for some fresh air, step out onto the rooftop of Hotel Chantelle. You’ll find yourself in a rooftop Parisian garden. This space is decorated like a Paris street side café, complete with iron lamp posts, park bench seating, and live greenery. Enjoy champagne, craft food, and cocktails under the stars when it’s nice out. When it’s raining, you can stay nice and dry beneath the retractable roof. The ambiance at this venue just can’t be beat.

There are always events going on at Hotel Chantelle, so be sure to check out the monthly calendar. Stop in for live jazz on Tuesdays, Lobster Bakes on Wednesdays, or Burlesque shows on Fridays.

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Retro NYC nightlife is still alive and well just past the unmarked doors of Hotel Chantelle. Step through the doorway and take a trip back in time on your big night out.

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