Open Air Rooftop Lounges for Business Meetings

Rooftop lounge in NYC

25 Oct Open Air Rooftop Lounges for Business Meetings

Business meetings were never meant to be boring but held in style and elegance amidst a calm and breath-taking backdrop. Here at Birthday Bottle Service, we understand your needs for a rooftop lounge in NYC that boasts of a mesmerizing view to leave a lasting impression on your clients during your business meetings.

St Cloud at Knickerbocker Hotel

st-cloud-at-the-knickerbocker-hotelIf you’re looking for an NYC meeting space that features an amazing rooftop lounge for your business meetings, then St Cloud at Knickerbocker Hotel is the right place for you. With more than enough space to hold multiple meetings, the 7,800 square feet indoor and outdoor space is perfect for those that want the best of both worlds. What is truly captivating about St Cloud is its three plush corner Sky Pods that overlooks Times Square, giving you a truly immersive experience while you’re discussing work related matters.

One of NYC’s best rooftop lounges around, they’ve got everything from food to drinks covered, offering bespoke cocktail mixes, craft bottled beers and seasonally focused appetizers.

For those that are fans of the occasional cigar, you’ll be pleased to know that St. Cloud features a premier cigar lounge NYC, with beautifully adorned plush seating that hosts up to 35 people at a time. If that all sounds like the ideal business meeting venue for you, go ahead and reserve your table at St Cloud with Birthday Bottle Service today since this popular meeting space is often packed to the brim with its tables easily filled on most nights!

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Hotel Chantelle

Rooftop lounge in NYC

Business meetings don’t have to be boring and mundane. This is why Hotel Chantelle excels at being one of the best rooftop lounges in NYC, catering to all your needs. Adorned in Parisian style furniture filled with lush greenery, the rooftop at Hotel Chantelle instantly captivates you at first sight, with a cozy and comfortable feel that is elegant at the same time.

With a 2000 square feet capacity on the rooftop that is climate controlled 24/7, your comfort and experience here will be unrivaled throughout the city. Dining is also exclusively presented, with flavors ranging from New Orleans to Vietnam infused and drinks filled with modern twists like the Pineapple Express.

Once you’re done with business, head down to the dance club where the DJ will be spinning till 4am. A perfect balance between work and play, Hotel Chantelle remains to be NYC’s top business meeting spot for all young professionals. Secure your table at this great rooftop lounge in NYC with Birthday Bottle Service!

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Rooftop Lounge in NYC for Work and Play

Rooftop lounge in NYCWe all know how stifling it is to be cooped up within the boundaries of the four walls in our office and we can’t expect that for a business meeting where ideas are imperative. Creativity and relaxation come hand in hand and holding your next business meeting on top a rooftop lounge in NYC can not only spark your creativity but ignite that feeling of freedom without being held by boundaries.

Additionally, we can all agree that there is nothing more relaxing than taking a step away from our desk to enjoy the beautiful skyline of Manhattan at night while enjoying your favorite brand of scotch. So, wait no further and book one of these great rooftop bars for your next business meeting space in NYC!

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