Simple Advice on How to Dress for a Rave

09 May Simple Advice on How to Dress for a Rave

You are thinking of going to an electronic dance music party with your friends and now, you are wondering how to dress for a Rave.

Let’s start at the beginning.  A Rave is any gathering of people centered around listening to and dancing to electronic dance music (EDM), as played by a set of live DJs.  Rave’s can last all night  long or it can be an EDM festival that can last for days.


Tradition dictates that true Ravers are respectful of each other.  They even have their own acronym; Peace Love Unity Respect, commonly shortened and referred to as PLUR.  PLUR is the manifesto of the rave culture. This PLUR philosophy can be translated into “anything goes” when it comes to rave fashion.

Rave Fashion Advice

Rave fashion is characterized by colorful clothing and accessories, most notably jewelry, that glow under ultraviolet light. Clothing is vibrant and alternative, often taking inspiration from new-age punk and grunge style. However, there is no set dress code for the rave scene.

Rave Colors

The rave culture adores and embraces all the colors of the rainbow. Anything bright goes. Think dayglow, UV-sensitive, and fluorescent.

Cool and Dry Clothing

Rave parties are all about the dancing.  You are going to be on your feet and moving to the beat for a long, long time.  It is important to wear clothes that are comfortable.  You won’t have fun trying to dance in tight-fitting, comfortable clothes.

It is true that anything goes when it comes to clothing however, wearing clothing that will keep you cool and wick away sweat is a wise choice.  You are going to be getting a real workout dancing to the electric beat of the music.  It is best to wear clothing  made of material that will not hold moisture or chafe your skin.

Guys find that wearing phat pants (fitted at the waist, but get increasingly wider down the legs, covering the feet entirely due to their width) and a funky T Shirt allows them to shuffle/dance more easily. As opposed to tight fitting pants and muscle shirts.


Sensible footwear is really important at a rave party.  You will be on your feet all night long and keeping your shoes on is a must.  No one wants to go barefoot at a rave.  The floors can get pretty disgusting and getting your toes stepped on is no fun.  High heels might look sexy but, will not work at a rave event. Weary flat, comfortable shoes will keep your all-night dance fest enjoyable.

party-629240_1280Rave Accessories

When it comes to accessories for a rave, think glow.  Everything from bracelets, necklaces, sunglasses, gloves, socks, even masks are usually made to glow under black lights.  Just like clothing, accessories are colorful.


One distinct accessory that ravers wear is a bracelet known as kandi. This term is used to describe bracelets that ravers make and trade with each other. Each piece of kandi is meaningful in its own way.

Since every bracelet is homemade, they have special meaning and are created with positive emotions flowing through the person’s being, since the intent is to give freely and trade with others.

By trading or giving kandi with/to another person, a person is giving a piece of themselves to that individual. Whenever that other person wears that piece of kandi, he or she will have the memories and positive feelings associated with that person with them.

Kandi can also be made and traded as colorful beaded necklaces and masks.

LED Gloves

Another rave accessory is wearing rave gloves.  This practice is called “gloving.”  Gloving is wearing gloves with LED lights at the end of each finger and performs distinct motions with their hands to match the rhythm and beat of a song. The motions create a “light show” for an audience.


Fluffies are legwear that cover your legs from the knees down to cover your feet.  Fluffies are furry legwarmers that can be worn as an accessory when wearing booty shorts or miniskirts.  Brightly colored fake fur fluffies can be worn over the ugliest, dirtiest, most comfortable shoes that you own and you’ll still look fabulous from head to toe.  Some styles of Fluffies even have LED lights embedded in the fur for a flashing light display!

Knit legwarmers are also worn.  Brightly colored knit legwarmers can be worn scrunched up or stretched out to thigh high.

Thigh High socks or even fishnet stockings are another legwear option. Legwear is one accessory that you can really go crazy with.  Be creative!

Planning Your Rave Group Party

Now that you know how to dress for a Rave, Contact us and we’ll make your Rave group party an awesome event.

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