Ten Reasons to Throw A Party Without an Occasion

20 Jan Ten Reasons to Throw A Party Without an Occasion

The holidays, birthdays, expecting mothers, and newly arrived babies always get all the attention when it comes to reasons to throw a party.

But what about the rest of the year? Having friends or families over without an occasion is just as fun. Plus, without the guidelines of a ‘type’ of event, you have the ability to be as unique and creative as you want!

Need some inspiration? Here are ten reasons to throw a party without an occasion.

Ten Reasons to Throw a Party Without an Occasion

It doesn’t matter how old or young you are – you can have a party without an occasion at any age. There are dozens of options for multiple seasons of the year and different age groups. Look at what’s going on in your family’s schedule and get creative!

  1. Bon Voyage/Welcome Home: Are your friends or family leaving for a long vacation? Send them off in style with a bon voyage party. When they come back, celebrate their return with a welcome home party. That gives your travelers the perfect venue to tell stories and show off photos and souvenirs.
  2. glasses-919071_640Season Finale: Is the last installment of your favorite show about to air? Are your friends as excited about the show as you? This is a perfect opportunity to gather a group, party, and have good food and drink! Likewise, if there’s a new show you’ve been pumped to see, throw a party to get your friends excited about it too! That way, even if the show isn’t what you’d hoped, you’ll still have a great night with food, friends, and fun.
  3. Book Swap: Books need love too! If you’re the kind of person who has books in a box somewhere in the attic, this is the perfect occasion to get them out. Get your friends together and trade old favorites. You may be introduced to genres you never would have picked up at the store. Sharing meaningful titles is a great way to deepen your friendships.
  4. First Day of the Season: No one ever celebrates the first day of the season. Why not start now? You can usher in the upcoming season with seasonal-themed food and decor, and really get spring, summer, fall, or winter off to a proper start!
  5. Video Game Party: Is your child and their friends excited about an upcoming video game release? Or, are you an adult gamer and excited about an upcoming multiplayer? Either way, a video game party is the perfect way to have fun and enjoy a brand new game!
  6. Ganz 16First Broken Bone: Instead of being morose about your child’s first broken bone, use this accident as a ‘rite of passage’ and a reason to celebrate. Of course, let your child know that a party isn’t going to happen every time they break a bone.
  7. Apartment/House: Your home is clean! Your home is finally decorated! You’ve finally finished moving in! There’s any number of reasons to have a party to celebrate your home. Be creative and have fun!
  8. No Reason: Maybe it’s raining. Maybe it isn’t raining. Maybe you’ve harvested the last of your season’s produce. Maybe the moon is full. “Just ‘cause” may not be a good reason at the workplace, but it’s perfectly acceptable at home.
  9. Antique Store Win: ‘Antiquing’ can be one of the most satisfying types of shopping – especially when you bring home winners. Celebrate the awesome antique cups, plates, bowls, or saucers you found while antiquing with a party to showcase them to your friends or family.
  10. Cheering Up a Friend: Did your friend recently get divorced, have a breakup, or lose a job? Have a party to cheer them up! You may not be able to fix their situation, but you can definitely help turn that negative energy around. Divorce parties are becoming a thing now, and losing a job can also be viewed as an opportunity to change things up in a career!


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