The Best Lounges to Celebrate New Year’s Eve 2018 in NYC

new years eve 2018 in NYC

01 Dec The Best Lounges to Celebrate New Year’s Eve 2018 in NYC

It’s hard to believe that 2018 is at an end already. If the new year has caught you by surprise and you aren’t sure how to celebrate the occasion, fret not. We’ve picked the top five lounges to celebrate New Year’s Eve 2018 in NYC.

Hotel Chantelle

hotel chantelle nycHotel Chantelle, a chic rooftop lounge located in the Lower East Side, is the perfect destination to celebrate the New Year. The ambiance will transport you back to 1940’s Paris for a truly memorable way to ring in 2019.

Whether you’re pre-gaming or are looking for a comfortable after-party destination, Hotel Chantelle is located in the Lower East Side and is convenient to plenty of new year’s events and easy transportation around town.

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Monarch is a rooftop lounge with fantastic views of fireworks in the Lower East Side. This trendy venue has plenty of windows so you can enjoy the sights without having to stand in the cold. With an extensive cocktail menu and exquisite snacks, Monarch is your New Year’s destination whether you’re at the beginning of your night or want to close out the evening at a late-night lounge.

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Sky Room Times Square

Times Square is synonymous with the start of the New Year. Sky Room Times Square is located in the heart of this iconic destination and is a highly sought-after spot for revelers. By booking with Birthday Bottle Service, you can guarantee your place at this incredible venue. Best of all, when you book with us, you’ll get on our VIP list. You can breeze past the bouncer and into this upscale lounge and nightclub for a hassle-free entry into 2019.

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Hudson Terrace

Hudson Terrace - Birthday Bottle ServiceLocated in Midtown West, Hudson Terrace has spectacular views over the Hudson River and the fireworks across the water. This luxurious venue is designed for photographs to document your night as well as semi-private spaces for you and your friends to gather. Ring in the new year while lounging in one of this venue’s glass-walled cabanas on a comfortable sofa, drinking unique cocktails from an artisinal drink menu.

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Ms Yoo

For a truly unique destination on New Year’s Eve, look no further than Ms Yoo. This venue may not have views of fireworks, but it’s the perfect setting for an intimate gathering with your close friends. Share Korean-inspired light bites and plates, the perfect complement to a special occasion like new year’s eve. Korean-inspired drinks and Asian whiskeys and Soju will complete what is certain to be an amazing night.

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How to make a DIY Hangover Prevention Kit

new year's eve 2018 in NYCNo one wants to start the New Year with a hangover. A DIY hangover prevention kit may be small, but don’t underestimate how effective it can be. Packing a few key items into your bag will help you prevent the symptoms of a hangover and get 2019 off to a great start.

  • Water: Staying hydrated is the best way to prevent a hangover. Since you’re losing nutrients throughout the night that can worsen the symptoms of a hangover, you may want to consider a sports drink with electrolytes.
  • Rehydration solution: Oral rehydration solutions are sold in powdered form, making them an easy-to-pack part of your DIY hangover prevention kit. Just add water and you’ll go a long ways towards preventing a hangover.
  • Pain medication: Pack some pain pills in your kit, but not medications that contain acetaminophen (like Tylenol). This family of drugs negatively interacts with alcohol.
  • Snacks: Just in case your NYE celebration venue doesn’t have food, some snacks in your bag can help you prevent a hangover. Snacks with protein are ideal. Trail mix, which contains protein and sugar from the nuts and chocolate, is one of our favorite choices!

Mix and match our recommended items based on your personal preferences and needs.

Book Your New Year’s Eve 2018 in NYC Celebration with Birthday Bottle Service

Not sure where you want to celebrate New Year’s Eve 2018? Contact Birthday Bottle Service! We are a free party planning service with VIP guest lists at select lounges, nightclubs, and bars in New York City. Our specialists can help you find an unforgettable venue for you to celebrate the start of a new year.

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