Things To Consider When Searching For The Best Birthday Planner NYC Has To Offer

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26 Jun Things To Consider When Searching For The Best Birthday Planner NYC Has To Offer

If you are going to throw an epic birthday bash in the most glamorous city in the entire world, New York City, then you are going to need to hire the best birthday planner NYC has to offer. There is simply no other way around it.

When you are looking for that perfect birthday planner, there a few things that you need to keep in mind to make sure that the person you hire is, in fact, the best birthday planner NYC has ever seen.

1 – First, make sure that they birthday planner has plenty of contacts with spectacular New York City venues. A great party starts with a great venue. New York City had so many spectacular event venues, but the cold hard truth of the matter is that they can be difficult to book — at least the cream of the crop can be extremely difficult. Make sure that the party planner you hire has an “in” with all of the hottest venues in New York City.

2 – Second, look at the portfolio of each of the birthday party planner that you are considering hiring to throw your birthday fete. Make sure that their ideas are creative and cutting-edge.

3 – Third, call the reference is to make sure that the people they are citing as having done a great job for share the same good opinion of the work that they did. It is a huge risk to higher a creative or organizational planner without having talked to at least some of their past clients, and that is a risk that you definitely don’t want to take. A few simple phone calls can save you a world of headaches later on down the road.

4 – Fourth, call several of the venues and vendors in New York that you are thinking of throwing your party at to make sure that the birthday party planner you’re considering hiring has a good relationship with that venue. Just because the planner tells you that they have good relationships, do not trust their word alone — follow up and make sure they were being forthright.

5 – Fifth, make sure that you choose a birthday party planner that you have a good personal rapport with. You are going to be spending a lot of time interfacing with this person, and you want to make sure that — while of course they should have many creative ideas of their own — they do not steamroll over your voice in this party. After all, it is your birthday and you’re gathering. You should be the person who is most represented in the planning of the party.

By keeping these five guidelines in mind, you will definitely hire the most creative and organized birthday planner NYC has to offer, and your party will be the most memorable that any of your friends have experienced — and isn’t that the ultimate goal?

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