The Top 5 Rooftop Lounges in NYC for the 4th of July

15 Jun The Top 5 Rooftop Lounges in NYC for the 4th of July

Although it feels like the winter holidays only just happened, July is already here and with the warmer temperatures, fireworks and grill outs. Nothing says summer like enjoying drinks with your friends on a rooftop lounge. Combine fireworks and an evening on the town, and you’ll no doubt be looking for the top 5 rooftop lounges in NYC for a night to remember.

The Top 5 Rooftop Lounges in NYC

There are so many rooftop lounges to choose from in NYC, so we’ve narrowed down this list to our top five. While not all of our top picks have views of the East River, they’re all a short drive or cab ride away from the nearest viewing platform.

Hudson Terrace

Hudson Terrace - Birthday Bottle ServiceHudson Terrace, located in Midtown West, has spectacular views over the Hudson River – fireworks or not!

This luxe venue is designed with conversations with your friends in mind. You can expect to find glass-walled cabanas, comfortable sofas, and a carefully curated drink menu.

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Royalton Park

Formerly known as Gansevoort Park, Royalton Park is a premier rooftop lounge located in Midtown East. This venue features multiple lounges, each with its own unique décor and vibe so you can choose the ambiance that best fits your mood. Royalton Park regularly books world-class DJs, ensuring the night’s music is perfect for a high-energy celebration like the 4th of July.

Best of all, Royalton Park is a quick cab ride to either the Empire State Building or one of the official viewing locations on FDR Drive. You can easily enjoy drinks on the rooftop before the fireworks start or after the show is over.

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Sky Room Times Square

Located in the heart of Times Square, Sky Room is your destination if you can’t decide between an upscale lounge or a club with fantastic music. With a diverse menu and incredible views of New York City, Sky Room is the perfect place to go when you’re charged up after watching 4th of July fireworks.

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Monarch is a rooftop lounge located in the Lower East Side with fantastic views of the city. This trendy venue has a fantastic cocktail menu and light bites to match. Monarch is a perfect destination whether you’re just getting your night started or are looking for a late-night lounge.

Best of all, Monarch is just a couple of blocks away from the Empire State Building, where you can watch the fireworks over the East River.

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Hotel Chantelle

Hotel Chantelle is a chic rooftop lounge located in the Lower East Side. The décor and ambiance will transport you back to 1940’s Paris for a unique setting for a 4th of July celebration.

Hotel Chantelle is quick cab ride away from the East River fireworks whether you’re pre-gaming or are looking for a comfortable after-party destination.

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Where to Go to Watch Fireworks in NYC for 4th of July 2018

Many neighborhoods are hosting their own community fireworks shows. But if you’re looking for a truly spectacular show, head to the East River, where Macys will be hosting its 42nd annual 4th of July fireworks show. The show is planned to start at 9:25pm and is estimated to last around 25 minutes.

Not sure where to go to watch the show in Manhattan? Fret not! You can find the five official viewing points here. If you’re in Brooklyn, you’ll be able to catch the show as long as you have a view of the East River.

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