Top Cocktail Trends With Recipes That Will Dominate 2016

09 Feb Top Cocktail Trends With Recipes That Will Dominate 2016

The upcoming year is going to be great for cocktail lovers and trend followers with more clubs aiming to serve awesome drinks. Bartenders keep pushing new techniques and ideas. And here are those that are worthy of grabbing your attention.

Low alcohol drinks

Low-alcohol cocktails are perfect to keep yourself refreshed. They’re hitting the bars and clubs menus while slowly winning over the world. They contain a lot of flavors and make a perfect fit for any occasion. Below, the best and easy-to-make shims on offer!

Aperol Spritz

Take 2 parts of Aperol, 1 part of soda water, 3 parts of Prosecco and pour them over ice, garnish with a slice of orange. It’s a nice drink to start a meal and can be called the cocktail of summer. Aperol is a sweet Italian aperitif that has a low alcohol content which makes it perfect for sipping while thinking where to go for a dinner.

Top Cocktail Trends With Recipes That Will Dominate 2016 - Birthday Bottle Service

The Americano

Pour 1oz of Champari, 1 oz of Sweet Vermouth over ice and add a splash of soda water. Garnish with a slice of orange.

The Americano is one of the most famous cocktails in the world and a perfect aperitif. The recipe is minimal and the result is sumptuously beautiful. Sweet red vermouth mixed with Campari bitter and soda glides on your tongue with a unique flavor. It goes well with every food thanks to it a bitter undertone and sweetness of vermouth.

The 50/50 Manhattan

Combine 1 ½ of Marker’s Mark, 1 ½ part of sweet vermouth and 2-3 dashes of bitters over ice in a mixing glass and stir. Then strain it into a coupe of glass. Garnish with a natural Maraschino cherry.

This is a classic cocktail recipe, but you can combine different ingredients and each makes a fantastic drink.  It’s delicious and satisfying, sophisticated and sensible. Add it all to the fact that it’s one of the easiest to make and you get a perfect drink.

Stephen’s Spritz

Pour 1.5 oz of cucumber juice, 1.5 oz of cantaloupe juice and 1 oz of Art in the Age Sage Liquor on the ice and top it with a splash of your favorite sparkling white wine.

Spritz was popular in the 80s and has returned as a great cocktail choice before or after any meal. It looks fun and perfect for those who are tired of extremely sweet cocktails and looking for more savory flavors. More and more people prefer to start a dinner or a night off with something light and Spritz is a perfect fit.

More and more classic cocktails are coming back

Top Cocktail Trends With Recipes That Will Dominate 2016 - Birthday Bottle ServiceMany old-school cocktails are on their way back into the bartenders’ hands as guests keep asking for conventional alcohol drinks. A drink called Boulevardier is a big trend. It’s a classic cocktail with a modern twist, endless variations, and bitter taste.

The Boulevardier

Stir 1 part of Campari, 1 part of Vermouth and 1 part of Whiskey together. The Boulevardier is sharp, lean, bitter and sweet. It’s a cocktail with character suited for any time of the year. It takes the same formula as Negori cocktail and gives it a modern twist by adding whiskey instead of gin. At first glance, it’s a simple substitution, but the results are absolutely amazing. It’s rich and interesting full flavored drink.

The Trip Home

Combine 2 oz of Hendricks Gin, 1 oz of Rosemary and Clove Simple Syrup; shake and strain it over ice then top with soda. If desired, you van garnish the cocktail with a slice of lemon.

It’s a bright cocktail with an old-school spirit and modern touch. Reach into your gin cabinet and start from there, since it’s getting more and more popular.

The Vieux Carré

Put a glass in the fridge to make it chill. Combine ¾ part of QUI Tequila, ¾ part of cognac, ¾ part of sweet vermouth, ¼ part of Benedictine, 1 dash of both Peychaud and angostura bitters into a mixing glass, fill with ice and stir for about ten seconds. And then Strain into the glass, adorn with the lemon twist.

The cocktail is a fun blend of different elements. It has a rich and remarkable taste. Two bitters are used to give it more dimension, The Vieux Carré is a classic cocktail straight from the 30s.

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