Top-Notch Night Clubs in Los Angeles

Night Clubs in Los Angeles - Birthday Bottle Service

04 Sep Top-Notch Night Clubs in Los Angeles

Looking for the best night clubs in Los Angeles to spend a special event or just chill with your friends? If so, then take a look at this list of top-rated LA night clubs that are worth your time and money. Find out more about each of these clubs and the best features they offer as you read along.

Night Clubs in Los Angeles - Birthday Bottle Service

Dance Clubs Los Angeles

Upscale or casual, here is a fine selection of night clubs in Los Angeles that come with their own unique features and attraction to look forward to.

1. Emerson Theatre

If you are crazy about hip hop, trance or top 40 music, then the Emerson Theatre is perfect for you. Located at Hollywood Blvd, this classy night club in LA features a burlesque theme with a Gatsby-feel to it. This is a great spot where you can enjoy partying with friends and meet acquaintances in an Old Hollywood atmosphere.

What you will notice about the club’s layout is that it has a large dance floor in the middle, and all around are two bars, some oversized booths and a DJ station where your favorite dance music is spun by world-class DJs all night long. There is also a wide range of cocktails brought to you by Peter Kanaat. So, plan your next party at the Emerson Theatre and enjoy every minute of it!

2. Greystone Manor

Drop by one of the hippest and the hottest dance clubs in Los Angeles and have an amazing night you won’t forget! Greystone Manor offers top-notch live entertainment, dining, dancing and cocktails all in one place. Located at West Hollywood, this is the ultimate place to go not only for partying, but also for celebrity sightings. In fact, recent attendees at the club include Kim Kardashian, J-Lo, Rihanna, Paris Hilton and P.Diddy, to name a few.

Bask in the sophisticated ambiance all over the club, with high ceilings, ornate decor, and spacious dance floor where you can move to the beat of the music for hours. If you want to be seen with famous stars on your upcoming party, then Greystone Manor is the place to be.

3. Supperclub

Feed your senses as you bask in the beauty all around you at Supperclub, one of the coolest dance clubs in the heart of Hollywood, in LA. As you take a good look around you, you’ll realize that everything is indeed out of the ordinary – from the decor to the layout of the club. Moreover, great music plays for hours, thanks to the talented DJs that spin beats to keep you moving.

There is also an excellent selection of cocktails available at the club, and that should add to your overall experience as you dance, dine and meet new people. Just be sure to make a reservation ahead of time to spare yourself from any hassles since the Supperclub can surely be jam-packed!

4. Bootsy Bellows

West Hollywood, particularly on the Sunset Strip, is famous for an array of entertainment including Bootsy Bellows. This hip and one-of-a-kind club is founded and owned by David Arquette, Brian Toll, and John Terzian. This is a great spot where you can enjoy entertaining shows such as live concerts, puppet shows and burlesque dancers that will keep you on your toes for hours.

As you look around the club, you will notice a hint of 1960’s vibe with its art deco interior and vintage decor including some curved booths, chandeliers and mirrors nearly on every section. Since this club offers just about everything you look for in a party venue, it is best to book your event ahead of time to secure a spot for you and your guests. After all, this club is one of the most popular in this part of LA, and you wouldn’t want to go through any hassles during your party by not making any advanced reservations.

5. Lure

Groove along to the beat of EDM and dance music all night here at Lure Nightclub. Situated at Ivar Ave, Lure is home to the city’s finest professional DJs. There are even varied themes that will excite you during your parties including Hollywood and Vegas. If you happen to go to the club on a Thursday, you can have a blast with LA’s coolest EDM nights here at Lure.

With a vast floor area that spans over 18,000 square feet, this club is your best bet for an event with the hottest crowds in LA who are up for hours of partying, dancing and drinking. What’s more, the club comes with stunning topiary chandeliers and LED-paneled bars and walls that add to the overall look and atmosphere at Lure.

6. Sound

Party with the locals at Sound, a high-energy night club in LA where most of the city’s young and energetic crowds go to for an amazing party. You will instantly notice the extraordinary layout of the club, which also happens to cater to private events. There are even tables set in a fine location where guests can have an excellent view of the DJ. As for the type of music played here, you can choose from just about anything including Techno, Dub-Step and House. The sound system here is fantastic, so you can instantly find yourself grooving to the music the moment it starts playing.

If you get hungry, you can check out the club’s multiple bars where you can choose from a variety of fried snacks and some gourmet foods to power you up for hours. This club is indeed worth a visit, so be sure to book your guestlist or bottle deal to reserve a spot for you and your guests.

7. Playhouse

Right at the heart of Hollywood Blvd, Playhouse is one of the favorite clubs of celebrities who are looking to spend an amazing time all night. With its posh and upscale vibe, guests are expected to follow the club’s strict dress code, which means no tennis shoes, baggy clothes or jerseys allowed at the club. So, if you feel like rubbing elbows with famous actors and musicians while partying with your friends, then Playhouse is the perfect place to go.

This club has become one of Reuter’s top picks for the best nightclubs in the world, and Playhouse certainly lives up to everyone’s expectations of a top-rated club. With its modern lighting, impressive layout and contemporary decor, Playhouse Nightclub is one place not to be missed during your special event.

So, check out these LA clubs today and book your reservations at Birthday Bottle Service for the best deals and hassle-free bookings that will meet your needs!

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