What are the best hangover and hydration cures?

13 Apr What are the best hangover and hydration cures?

Many of us downed too many drinks during a party and the unforgettable night turned into a head-pounding feeling called a hangover. But there is nothing to worry about it.  Just ask people what to do when you’re hungover, and they will give dozens of answers: drink coffee, eat sweet things, have another beer…However, there are scientifically-proven ways to get through the body-aching regret we feel after the party.

How to Treat a Hangover: A Few Tips


You would have prevented a hangover if you’d had more water the night before and a couple of glasses of water in between alcoholic cocktails. But you didn’t do that and now you’re suffering from a massive pain. Alcohol dehydrates the body of fluids, that’s why the more you drink the more fluids are replaced. As a result, you feel better. You can how to cure a hangover - Birthday Bottle Servicealso prevent a severe hangover by drinking a glass of water before falling asleep.

Green or Ginger Tea

Clear your body out with many anti-oxidants that you can find in green tea. It’s not a quick way how to cure a hangover, but still better than coffee or fruits. Unlike coffee, that dehydrates the body and makes things worse, green tea wakes you up and settles the stomach. Ginger tea is perfect for dealing with stomach pain, nausea and motion sickness.

Bananas And Fruit Juice

Bananas have a lot of salts, can prevent dehydration and are gentle to your stomach. Moreover, they provide the body with heavy electrolytes that were lost during drinking. Add some yogurt and you’ll get a perfect smoothie to fight a hangover.

For fuel, don’t go for pizza or chips and grab a piece of fruit or fruit juice instead. The sugar in fruits, or fructose, is a natural way to restore energy. Fruits also contain fiber that absorbs last night’s cocktails and brings lost vitamins and nutrients back.


Honey is a popular hangover remedy because of its antioxidant properties that neutralize the toxins in your body. Put simply, it acts like a buffer by providing the body with sugar to metabolize as well as preventing the change in blood sugar levels.

You can simply stir a spoon of honey into a glass of water and drink it up or spread some honey on a toast. Toast itself will provide your body with potassium, which digests alcohol effectively.

Bacon And Eggs

Bacon and eggs are not only a much-loved breakfast but also a great source of protein. Eggs can destroy toxins as how to cure a hangover - Birthday Bottle Servicethey contain two helpful acids: taurine and cysteine. Taurine can reverse liver damage caused by heavy drinking while cysteine fights acetaldehyde, a product of alcohol metabolism that is even more toxic than alcohol.

Chocolate Milk

Chocolate Milk prevents dehydration and offers a soothing coating for nausea. It has lactose, sucrose and salt in a perfect balance to cure a hangover. Besides, it tastes great and helps to fight with depression. Chocolate Milk also restores vitamin your body is now lacking.

These 6 hangover remedies will help you to alleviate hangover symptoms and be on your way to feeling healthy again.

How to Treat a Hangover

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