Enjoy Bottle Service And Billiards At Slate NYC

Slate NYC - Birthday Bottle Service

20 Th6 Enjoy Bottle Service And Billiards At Slate NYC

Who said that you cannot have it all under one roof when it comes to entertainment and billiards? The answer is, someone who has never had the chance to experience all that Slate NYC has to offer. Known as a top venue in beautiful New York City, this is certainly a destination where you can go and have an incredible time no matter what you are celebrating. Many people will go for drinks or to gather with friends while other will book the venue for a planned party or event.

Slate NYC - Birthday Bottle ServiceNo matter how many people are in your group of friends looking to have a good time, Slate NYC offers everything from terrific ambiance to billiards. In addition to that, the extensive bar will make it so you will have endless options when it comes to the variety of concoctions that you can have your mixologist whip up. Whether you are heading there for drinks and conversation after work during happy hour or you are hoping to play some pool later on at night with friends, this is one hot New York City destination that will never disappoint.

Perfectly nestled within the Flatiron District, upon arrival patrons are welcomed by a sleek design that still holds a comfortable feel. Your eyes are immediately drawn to the many pool and ping pong tables that you and your cohorts can enjoy for a friendly game or two. As a matter of fact, a lot of people will even say that Slate NYC is the absolute best place to go not only to unwind but also to get in on some quality billiards.

Certainly, no New York City destination is complete without some of the best food and drink on the menu. When it comes to eats, patrons are welcomed with comfort food for pub fanatics including favorite such as mouthwatering hamburgers, tasty wings, cheesy quesadillas and even pigs in a blanket. If you think about it, you really want great foods to snack on while you sip your drink and rack ’em up!

The staff on hand at Slate NYC are always available to make sure that everyone has a great time. When you are hoping to find a new drink to satisfy your thirst, tell one of the mixologists what your favorite flavors are. He or she can whip you up something incredible that will make your head spin. Of course, a popular drink had by many who frequent Slate NYC is the Cue Ball. This signature drink is made from vanilla vodka, coconut rum, pineapple juice and a splash of lime.

It goes without saying that this is one stop in New York City that you will not soon forget. If you are lucky, you will be visiting on a night that a celebrity stops by. This place is well known for being frequented by any number of a-listers who are looking to have a good time such as yourself. No matter the occasion, Slate NYC is an experience that you will not want to miss out on.

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