The Top NYC Nightlife Destinations in 2019

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14 Th6 The Top NYC Nightlife Destinations in 2019

If you have been listening to the party chatter lately, you might have heard of some rumors that NYC nightlife is dead. You might as well consider this as fake news as the party scene is still as vibrant as ever – actually, it has gotten better over the years. As a matter of fact, the nightlife has been one of the fastest growing economies in New York City.

This change can be attributed to a shift in the nightlife culture in the city. Nowadays, nightlife is no longer just about dance bars and DJ clubs. Nightlife in New York is now diverse both in the genre and experience. Now, you can experience the New York nightlife in late-night food stops, cocktail bars, and after-hours recreation and sports centers. While a lot of people are shunning the change, it is welcomed by a growing majority of open-minded night owls who are more than happy to accept the change.

Without further ado, let’s talk about the best nightlife 2019 has to offer.

Blue (The Ribbon)

NYC nightlifeFrom the same people that brought you the Blue Ribbon Brassiere comes a new Times Square favorite called The Ribbon. Nestled right at the space that was once Guy Fieri’s American Kitchen and Bar. To make good use of the space, the owners decided to divide the space and the lower levels is now a lounge called Blue.

This is the first real dive of the Blue Ribbon team to nightlife and you can see their signature all over the space. It comes with a raised DJ booth, a dance floor, and various works of art from well-known NYC artists. Expect a good mix of house, hip-hop, top-40, and open format music when you go in. Well, that is if you even get inside. Admission is a bit strict and the best way to get in is to get bottle service.

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NYC nightlifeConcept is no stranger to NYC nightlife. With a bar on the rooftop and a chic restaurant, it wasn’t a surprise they’d turn the subterranean levels into a club. Called Concept, the nightclub is a visual masterpiece to people looking for more than just a dance floor.

Concept presents provocative themes coupled with an eclectic if not free-range music program. The space was created to serve as a canvas for new themes and it seems to have tickled the fancies of downtown New Yorkers.

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Lavo Nightclub

NYC nightlifeAs is the current trend in NYC, nightclubs are popping in either above or beyond restaurants. The Lavo Nightclub is no exception. Located right below the Lavo Restaurant, this nightclub is considered to be one of NYC’s finest and home to recognized DJs.

Lavo boasts 2 full-service bars ready to cater to all their customer’s needs. Expect a mix of house and dance music upon entering the bar and if you get lucky you might just be dancing in the midst of Third Parties, Tiesto, or Steve Aoki.

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NYC nightlifeIf you are in the mood for some high-brow clubbing then you might just find Vandal to be the place to be. The Vandal can be found on Bowery – a well-known street full of art, culture, and parties.

Vandal is another project of the TAO group and is a multi-cultural homunculus that brings together all the best if different cultures into one place. The place has 2 levels – the restaurant can be found upstairs while the lounge is located downstairs.

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Redemption is Marquee’s game and it really played it well. After seemingly disappointing its crowd due to various reasons, Marquee went and got itself an overhaul and is now considered one of the, if not the, best EDM clubs in New York. The whole club is one big room with a VIP area on the balcony.

The DJs that play in Marquee are of international renown and you can expect a new one every week. Get a reservation ahead of time as wait times reach into hours on a good night.

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