What is Friendsgiving, and Why Should You Celebrate It?

10 Oct What is Friendsgiving, and Why Should You Celebrate It?

You may have heard about Friendsgiving from a friend or coworker, and you might be curious about what it all entails. If you’ve ever what is Friendsgiving, or why you should celebrate it, look no further. We’ve got all the answers you want!

What is Friendsgiving, and Why Should You Celebrate It?

what is friendsgivingFriendsgiving is an unofficial gathering that usually occurs around the Thanksgiving holiday. This event usually doesn’t include family, but features friends instead.

Most Friendsgiving get-togethers usually occur on the Wednesday before or the Friday after Thanksgiving itself, but there’s no set rule except that it should occur in honor of the official holiday.

Unlike Thanksgiving, Friendsgiving has far fewer rules and expectations.You might have a turkey, or you might not. You can have a potluck where everyone brings something to distribute tasks as evenly as possible. Or, you might take command of the menu and throw the lavish spread you’ve always dreamed of.

The main takeaway is that Friendsgiving – as the name suggests – is a time to appreciate and enjoy the company of your friends and have a great time sharing a meal together.

Friendsgiving Etiquette 101

First and foremost, the rules of Friendsgiving fall to the host to deciding. As a good host, you should send out invitations well in advance and make sure to delegate tasks with enough time for your guests to make accommodations.

Some things to consider when planning Friendsgiving…

what is friendsgivingContributions

Who’s bringing what? It may be helpful to create a shared document so that everyone has the most current information about the event. Remember to include plates, serving ware, decorations, and any other special requests on this list.


Be sure to provide some good music for the night – or have your aspiring DJ friend do it for you!


Unlike your parents, you don’t have to be responsible for cooking an entire spread if you don’t want to. Ask for volunteers, or delegate if you have to. Alternately, many grocery stores offer premade Thanksgiving meals that are just as easy as throwing into the oven to prepare!

Dietary Considerations

Some of your friends may have dietary restrictions, so be sure to offer vegetarian or dairy-free options as needed.


Quite possibly the most important of any Friendsgiving meal, copious amounts of dessert are not only recommended but required.

Beer, Wine, and Alcohol

what is friendsgivingSince you won’t be around your incredibly conservative extended family, the alcohol can flow freely all night if you want. Gather a pool of money and go on a shopping spree before the big night.

Another drink option to consider is to make a large batch of punch, or a crock pot of cider. It’s not only festive, it’s delicious!


What better way to spend a night with friends than playing games after an amazing meal? If you don’t have games on hand, then ask your guests to bring some board games for a truly memorable night.

A Place for the Night

Depending on how far your friends are traveling, it may be a good idea to ensure that you’ve got an extra bed, sleeping bag, or cot to accommodate anyone traveling from out of town – or that friend who had a little too much to drink!

What is Friendsgiving but a Fantastic New Tradition?

Now, you can answer ‘What is Friendsgiving?’ to anyone who asks. As you can see, Friendsgiving is a really great way to enjoy the Thanksgiving holiday without all the hassle. It’s also a good way to include people who don’t have family nearby, don’t have family, or who don’t celebrate Thanksgiving. Besides, getting your friends together for a memorable and fun night is always a good reason to throw a party!

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